#StitchedSaturday – 3/2/19 – Scott Deegan

THE DESTINATION by Scott Deegan   The bus had been early, otherwise I never would have been walking that night. The 10 o'clock bus is called the 10 o'clock bus for a reason, but it was usually late. My shift at Burger King had ended at 9:20 and it was a good twenty five or … Continue reading #StitchedSaturday – 3/2/19 – Scott Deegan

#StitcheSaturday 2/16/19 – Scott Deegan

LITTLE KING By Scott Deegan    Hush little baby don't say a word And never mind that noise you heard It's just the beasts under your bed In your closet in your head  Enter Sandman - Metallica   Then Lamia seethed as she stared at the house. This was hers. They had no right being … Continue reading #StitcheSaturday 2/16/19 – Scott Deegan

#StitchedSaturday – Scott Deegan – Pt 3 -2/9/19

SECRETS BY SCOTT DEEGAN       Alan Freeman was a pain in the ass. Especially to be co-attendees to another insurance seminar, but that was our job. We had to know the in and outs of each policy that Franklin And Associates offered their employees. There were three of us attending this year Alan, … Continue reading #StitchedSaturday – Scott Deegan – Pt 3 -2/9/19

#StitchedSaturday – Scott Deegan – (second entry)

CHESTER TESTS HIS LEGS A GRANITE COUNTY INTERLUDE By SCOTT DEEGAN   Then as it was, then again it will be Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin No charges were ever brought in the case of Ruth Johnson’s dead husband, Orville. The Granite County Sheriff's department, although they didn't have proof laid the blame on … Continue reading #StitchedSaturday – Scott Deegan – (second entry)

#StitchedSaturday – Scott Deegan – 2/9/19

AN INCIDENT IN GRANITE COUNTY BY SCOTT DEEGAN     Oh, dance in the dark of night, Sing to the morning light. The dark Lord rides in force tonight, And time will tell us all. Battle Of Evermore - Led Zeppelin   Chester Johnson spent a lot of time under the wooden bridge out on … Continue reading #StitchedSaturday – Scott Deegan – 2/9/19

#StitchedSaturday 2/2/19 – Scott Deegan

HOSTS By Scott Deegan   “So?” Tommy stared at his friend and when Phil didn't go on asked the obvious question.  “So, what?” “You fucking know what!” “Look Philip, I don't want to know what you were doing out there. I don't want to be part of it. I don't want anything to do with … Continue reading #StitchedSaturday 2/2/19 – Scott Deegan