Not My Time

This was a recent writing prompt. Thought I'd share ... "Mommy, what's the matter? Is there something wrong with me? Mommy, are you crying? Are those tears that I now see? Mommy, please don't worry This is not what you might think. Mommy, this is peaceful Let the notion gently sink Mommy, see my shadow? … Continue reading Not My Time

Forbes West: An Interview

Sometimes you meet someone who has a different viewpoint than most folks. The viewpoint can sometimes be bad and sometimes be good. It can also be refreshing. One of those viewpoints I find refreshing belongs to Forbes West, a writer, producer and a podcaster.  When I sat down to do this interview with Forbes, I … Continue reading Forbes West: An Interview

Open to Submissions, 2017

​Stitched Smile Publications is open to submissions for 2017!  We are looking for all facets dark fiction and poetry to add to our collection: horror, crime, noir, graphic novels, dark fantasy, dark sci-fi and more!   Please see "submissions" link on our website Think you have what it takes to get Stitched? Let us … Continue reading Open to Submissions, 2017

Becoming: A Zombie Sonnet

A little before Thanksgiving meal ... Venomous poison runs all through my veins Coursing and pulsing in my heart beat's path Bitten and then hunger takes hold the reigns Even a dummy could sum up this math Fever within as my flesh starts to stink Sweat pouring down burns and trickles off me Thoughts sparse … Continue reading Becoming: A Zombie Sonnet

Flash Non-Fiction Saturday: Hopeless in AA by Mike Duke

I was barely out of the police academy and still on field training when I saw my first suicide, a quite memorable one at that. Kind of thing one never really puts out of their mind. Patrolman Fancher and I were given the call to go secure the scene until a detective arrived since all … Continue reading Flash Non-Fiction Saturday: Hopeless in AA by Mike Duke

Flash Fiction: Æschere’s Head

Beowulf: The Midgard Horrors holds out a little longer. Today I'm offering a sonnet depicting the brutal death of Æschere, King Hrothgar's closest friend. He is said to have spoken of the unseen; the mysteries hidden about their world of Midgard. This is why I believe Grendel's mother chose him specifically. My theory sums up … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Æschere’s Head

Grendel: A Haiku

Here's a fun and simple way to celebrate Beowulf: The Midgard Epic's upcoming release. This micropoem written haiku style is called "Grendel." Enjoy! And remember, adventure awaits! Grendel Claws like razor blades Shred flesh and rip men apart Grendel dines tonight James Matthew Byers resides in Wellington, Alabama with his wife, kids, a dog named … Continue reading Grendel: A Haiku

The Transformation

Beowulf: The Midgard Horrors will return next week. Here's a little sonnet fun werewolf style! Enjoy! The Transformation Sinews extend and crack to be remade Reformed beneath the fullness of the moon And heaven's tide above the world displayed Ignites the growing hunger's vicious boon Incisors gnash and gnaw as they extend Excruciating pain within … Continue reading The Transformation