Huginn and Muninn (A Midgard Sonnet)



Yes, I promise … Beowulf: The Midgard Horrors will be return. I wasn’t ready to get back into it just yet. I’m still celebrating the release of the special edition Beowulf: The Midgard Epic paperback with illustrations from Stitched Smile Publications!!! (Here’s the link … )

So for FFS (Flash Fiction Saturday) I’m adding another entry into what I have dubbed “The Midgard Sonnets.” Ready yourself … You now walk the realm of Midgard. Adventure awaits!

Huginn and Muninn
(A Midgard Sonnet)

Beyond the arc of time and space they came
The gods designed to govern o’er the earth
And God on High had brought them thus to fame
Creations from imagination’s girth
With Odin watching through the very eyes
Of two he sent to cover every land
The ravens soaring high in Midgard’s skies
Explored and did as Odin would command
In memory and thought, they came to dwell
One, Huginn, flitted wings and sang a tune
The other, Muninn, recollected well
As both rejoiced beneath the light of moon
Upon his shoulder they would perch and wait
Until their next release through Asgard’s gate …


P. S.

Here’s an added treat …

James Matthew Byers resides in Wellington, Alabama with his wife, kids, a dog named after an elf, and two tortoises. He has been published in poetry journals and through Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL, where he received his Master’s in 2010. His epic poem, Beowulf: The Midgard Epic, is out now from Stitched Smile Publications, LLC. He also has a short story featured in their upcoming release, Unleashed: Monsters Vs. Zombies.

Find James Matthew Byers at:
Twitter: @Mattbyers40

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