TBT Christmas Horror

Happy Throwback Thursday. In 2016, the SSP Unsaintly Queen Lisa Vasquez had her story “Christmas Carole” published in the anthology Collected Christmas Horror Shorts: Book 1, an anthology she also designed the cover for. Christmas is often thought of as a time of joy and cheer, a time for giving to others, a time of … Continue reading TBT Christmas Horror


Happy Friday! What is everyone reading? If you are looking for something with diversity, depth, and intensity, M Ennenbach has a new collection out called dreamwhispers. Take a journey into the swirling abyss of fever dreams, starry nights, and amethyst lights. Driven by lyrical prose, captivating storytelling, and pure emotion, dreamwhispers sets sail through one … Continue reading dreamwhispers

TBT Rhapsody in Red

Happy Throwback Thursday. In December of 2020, Stitched Smile Publications published Rhapsody in Red by Peter Molnar. A Rhapsody in Red: Two Novellas of The Damned escorts you through a thorny landscape of authentically flawed and frightening Americana. In this collection of two short novels, twenty-first-century tragedy intersects with the treacherous influence of the modern … Continue reading TBT Rhapsody in Red

The Crows of Smith’s Booth

Happy Tuesday! In September, we did a #tbt on Ash Hartwell’s novel Tip of the Iceberg. Well now Ash Hartwell has a new novel out. Let’s look at The Crows of Smith’s Booth. On the Winter’s Solstice of 1569, the villagers of Smith’s Booth hang three of sisters, accused of witchcraft. Their mother curses the … Continue reading The Crows of Smith’s Booth

Dark Places

Happy Throwback Thursday. In October of 2018, the story “Mazzie Shade of Winter” by SSP Darque Queen Lisa Vasquez appeared in the charity anthology Dark Places, Evil Faces: Volume II. Dark Places, Evil Faces is Volume 2 in this Horror and Dark Suspense anthology series. Including works of fiction by Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Graham … Continue reading Dark Places

Almost Normal

Happy Tuesday. Today we are talking about author Christine Morgan. Christine is known by many for her impactful extreme horror stories and novels. But not everyone cares for extreme horror, and that’s okay. The good news is Christine Morgan does not only write extreme horror. She has a singular talent for creating less graphic folklore, … Continue reading Almost Normal

Tales from Ramnon

Happy Tuesday! Let’s talk about some folk horror. Folk horror uses elements of folklore as a main focus of the work. This means there are many variations within the subgenre. Today let’s look at the Tales from Ramnon series by author Jae Mazer. The Tales from Ramnon series is stories centered around the fictional afterlife … Continue reading Tales from Ramnon

Ashley’s Tale

Happy Throwback Thursday. In 2018, Stitched Smile Publications released the Ashley’s Tale trilogy by Mike Duke. Ashley’s Tale Ashley, a young college student with a horrific past, is immediately thrust into a living hell when she is kidnapped. In the lair of her captor, she will be forced to choose between submission and defiance, between … Continue reading Ashley’s Tale

TBT Bella’s Boys

Happy Throwback Thursday! In 2020, Stitched Smile Publications released the novella Bella's Boys: A Tale of Cosmic Horror by Thomas R Clark. It’s March 1993, and a storm is coming … On the eve of a massive Nor’easter menacing the Eastern Seaboard, Singer Corey Collins meets Sandy Bellavia at a karaoke bar in upstate New … Continue reading TBT Bella’s Boys