#StitcheSaturday 2/16/19 – Scott Deegan

innocent blood tomas boersner


By Scott Deegan


Hush little baby don’t say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
It’s just the beasts under your bed
In your closet in your head

 Enter Sandman – Metallica



Lamia seethed as she stared at the house. This was hers. They had no right being here. They had no right to lay claim to what still belonged to her. She could take one of the people in the glen if she wanted, they were hers after all. Those that clung to the house had no right to hunt here, and she would protect her livestock with her life if necessary. She turned and slunk down the path, she knew how to make entry into the house without being seen. She knew what she had to do, even if it went against her primal nature.



Izcacus waited for word of the infant’s arrival, it would mean survival for his people. Fresh blood would flow through the child, new blood from outside of the valley. He knew of Lamia laying claim to the people in the glen, and the child in particular, but he didn’t care. He was the rightful ruler of these lands and that witch of a snake would know his wrath if she chose to intervene.


The tunnel beneath the gnarled oak led her to the cellar of the house. From there she slid up the stairs to the kitchen. Lamia knew the girl was here, her forked tongue tasted her on the air. The girl returned from the outside world soiled and in the eyes of the villagers she would have cursed them. They weren’t wrong, she had. The infusion of new blood into the valley had called to the vampyr and Izcacus would have to be delt with or he would lay claim to what was hers.



Izcacus sent his vampyr to find the source of the scent. The valley’s smell had changed and that smell had piqued the old vampyr’s interest. The valley had always smelled of blood, but old blood, sick blood, family blood that had been folded over onto itself many times. It was the stink of this blood that drove the vampyr out. But that had changed new blood had mixed with old and created a fresh scent. Izcacus wanted that scent, wanted to taste it.


When Lamia entered her room the girl froze wide eyed, staring at the creature that was once as the girl was. Just a young woman, but when a god had shown favor for her it angered that god’s wife. Lamia was turned to this half serpent half woman demon that swayed before the terrified girl. The god’s wife forced Lamia to eat the children that her husband and Lamia had made. Lamia has since continued to seek revenge by destroying the children that one day would have worshipped the god and his wife. But Lamia would not be feasting on the flesh of this girl or the blood of her unborn child. Instead she swore to protect them from the vampyr, make them immune. Make them hers.



His vampyr had returned just as the sun began to crest the horizon, the child was close. Tonight Izcacus thought to himself, tonight I shall taste rebirth. The old vampyr closed his eyes and began to wait out the daylight.


Lamia encircled the girl within her coils and drew her near. She gently kissed the girl’s lips, her cheek, her neck, then she sank her fangs into her jugular vein. A short time later as the girl slept Lamia drew back the blanket to reveal the naked flesh that hide the infant within. Lamia bent closer to the girl’s belly and her forked tongue played across it slightly before she extended her fangs into the girl’s womb and found the infant. She did not drink, instead she injected the venom that would forever change the baby. Lamia whispered that she would return. As she left she looked in on the other occupants of the house. They didn’t know she was there and wouldn’t suspect she had been for quite some time. She still needed them, the girl would soon need to feed.



Izcacus dreamt of his death. It wasn’t the first time he had dreamed of dying. Many times he had visited that day when he was still a young man, still a weak human, before he was given his glorious gift. But this dream wasn’t of that day. In this dream he was who he is now, not as he was. It caused him to come awake before the day had a chance to slip into afternoon. The wait would be long, especially since the dream remained with him causing him great distress.


The baby was close now the girl could feel it. She was sick and felt a need like never before in her life. Her mother and her father were both cruel in their judgment and she felt imprisoned by them before, never being allowed outside of the house. But her view of them was changing, no longer did she feel trapped. She felt like she had trapped them, they couldn’t leave either, those that would shun her would shun them as well. She had them to herself and she felt hungry.



Izcacus extended his wings and caught the night air. His vampyr awaited his arrival at the house in the glen. He would not disappoint them.


The birth was quick, but left the girl weak. She used the flesh of her parents to replenish her strength. First feeding on her mother when she said the baby should be destroyed immediately after having helped her daughter with delivery. Her father,  when he heard the commotion and saw his wife being eaten by his only child, had grabbed the fireplace poker only to be overtaken by the girl’s incredible speed.


Lamia had warned the girl the vampyr would be coming and that she should hide. She made her way to the basement tunnel dragging what remained of her father, so she could finish her meal. Being focused on her own needs she neglected to take the baby.



Izcacus didn’t have to be invited into the house as did the other vampyr, he had been born here nearly a century earlier. It was his home and he entered freely.

The house smelled of blood, of death, and of life. The infant had arrived, as he had predicted, on the anniversary of his own birth. He followed the smell and the smear of blood to the cellar, where in his youth he had played in the tunnel. Memories of his childhood flooded back and he shoved them aside, now was not the time.

He found the girl huddled in the corner concealed behind stored furniture. It was the noise of devouring her father that gave her away. She stood and was about to attack when recognition flowed across her face, here before her was the one who had soiled her. Here was the baby’s father. It was that brief hesitation before her attack that sealed her fate.

 As she flung herself toward him, Izcacus reached out and with one clawed hand, sliced the girl from her throat to her sex. As she lay dying at his feet Izcacus turned and peered into the dark tunnel, but he could not sense the snake witch.

Lamia had turned away from the scene that played out before her in the cellar. The stupid girl had abandoned the infant as Lamia now abandoned her.

The child lay wrapped in blankets on the bed where he was birthed. Izcacus looked at his son with no emotion, the child could purify the blood in the valley. As the boy grew he would drink from those who lived here and Izcacus would then drink from him. It was something no other vampyr could do for him. Purification of blood could only be done by a vampyr with a human mother, a dhampir.

He bent and retrieved the child from the bed. The blankets fell away and the baby’s snakelike lower half encircled his wrist. He tried to shake the abomination free, but the infant clung and climbed further up his arm. He brought his free hand back to swat at the child and that was when Lamia clamped her strong hands on his free wrist and coiled around the rest of his body holding him fast. All he could do was watch as the infant made its way to his face. The baby’s forked tongue played across its father’s face before sinking its fangs into Izcacus’ face. The venom worked it’s way into the old vampyr’s blood and started to break him down from the inside out making it easier for the child to consume his father. As Izcacus died the vampyr outside joined him in death, fore it was his bite that created them.

Lamia finally had a child she could keep, not being born of her, the god’s curse did not condemn her to destroy the boy. She would raise the child as her own, naming him Basiliskos, or The Little King in honor of the cobra.

She knew that one day the dhampir hybrid would kill her. She welcomed the idea, but until then she would not be alone and she had much to teach him before he took her life.


My name is Scott Deegan I’m stay at home dad in the little town of Pequot Lakes MN. I have always wanted to write horror stories, but before this I’ve never showed anyone. I left high school during Christmas break in tenth grade and took my GED. Because of this I didn’t think anyone would even look at my writing. I’m not a dumb person, but dropping out of school I now believe was a stupid thing to do.

I did try writing a number of years ago but was told by my now ex wife that I wasn’t any good and shouldn’t waste my time. I trashed all my stories.

I’ve always loved horror both reading and writing. I feel I have a talent for it and wanted to start seeing if others agree. I’m getting a bit of a late start but I’m good at this and just too out of shape and too old to become a professional wrestler. I have written reviews of horror books that can be found on Goodreads, Amazon, and the Facebook group Books Of Horror.

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  1. 2 thumbs up. I agree with Yan, I would love to read more! I think my favorite yet but each week I’m completely surprised. Thank you for sharing with us.


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