Haunted Locations: Daksa Island

Welcome back to Weird Wednesday, horror fiends, friends, and family. In today’s excursion, we travel halfway around the world to Croatia, to a tiny place called Daksa Island. Daksa Island is north of Dubrovnik, and in the distant past, had been home to Franciscan monks, dating back to 1291. For hundreds of years, the tiny … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Daksa Island

True Crime Sunday: The Murder of Pearl Bryan

There are places where true crime and the utterly weird intersect. Today's True Crime Sunday case was chosen after watching a Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural episode about Bob Mackey's. I won't be talking about the establishment, but rather a murder with strange elements that may or may not be connected to it. In 1896, the headless … Continue reading True Crime Sunday: The Murder of Pearl Bryan

True Crime Sunday: the Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

This week, I came across one of those nifty internet lists that we're never quite sure about. If we click the link, will we find good information or will the page will be full of clickbait nonsense? This list promised history’s most baffling unsolved cases. How could I possibly pass that up? I’m glad I … Continue reading True Crime Sunday: the Disappearance of Paula Jean Welden

Haunted Locations: LaLaurie House-New Orleans

Welcome back to another Weird Wednesday. I hope everyone is ready for another ghostly adventure! In today’s venture, we travel to New Orleans French Quarter, to 1140 Royal Street, to be exact. The infamous LaLaurie Mansion, where Madame LaLaurie lived with her third husband, Leonard Louis Nicolas LaLaurie and two of her children. This is … Continue reading Haunted Locations: LaLaurie House-New Orleans