Rumor Control

This is Rumor Control. There have been some rumors floating around, as rumors do, that Stitched Smile Publications is closing down and all titles are going out of print. That is not true. The truth is Stitched Smile Publications is restructuring in 2023, but existing titles are not going out of print. Rights for many … Continue reading Rumor Control

Stitched Saturday

Happy Saturday before Stitched Saturday! As promised, here are more details regarding the return of Stitched Saturday from the Unsaintly Queen herself. Stitched Saturday has been through the ups and downs readers and fans have thrown at us. The truth is people love it. The harder truth is people always like to be negative and … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched Saturday

Happy Saturday, everyone! We have an announcement. Stitched Saturday will return August 6th! Winners of the most liked story every month will be featured in House of Stitched magazine. Readers are encouraged to join the newsletter because not only will you get a free ebook but you will also have voting power if there is … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

New Blood

Happy Friday. Here is the latest SSP news! House of Stitched Magazine is considering adding new blood—that is, new contributors. We are looking for anything from editorials to opinion pieces, articles on the creation process or story concepts or art, even interviews not already published or shared elsewhere. ALL work must be original and unpublished. … Continue reading New Blood

Social Media Saturday

Happy Social Media Saturday. Come join us on the social medium platform of your choice. We are on Facebook at: and From there, you can unlock access to our Facebook Readers and Fans Groups. Join us on Twitter: @houseofstitched Find us on Instagram: @stitchedsmilepublications And here is our TikTok: You can also browse … Continue reading Social Media Saturday

House of Stitched Patreon

A shout out and big thank you to The Stitchers, our House of Stitched Patreon members. House of Stitched Patreon is for those who want to be a part of the House from the inside out. Our members enjoy regular exclusive content and are the first to know about important announcements and what’s new and … Continue reading House of Stitched Patreon

Our new vp!

Welcome back, friends and followers, and a big welcome to our new followers. Thank you all for joining us. Stitched Smile Publications/House of Stitched has undergone some exciting changes recently to help with growing pains. One of those changes is our new Vice President, award-winning author Candace Nola. Candace has been on the House of … Continue reading Our new vp!

Monthly Unfair Contest announcement

We Love Our Readership! At STITCHED SMILE PUBLICATIONS and HOUSE OF STITCHED we are dedicated to honoring the fans and readership. So every month, we will do an unfair contest! You won't know how to enter, or what the prize is until we announce it, but one thing we are looking for is reader engagement. … Continue reading Monthly Unfair Contest announcement

Just a little update

Hello everyone! If you're a new subscriber, or one of our loyal followers from the beginning, you'll be seeing a lot more posts here. Hopefully, this is a good thing. We tried to compartmentalize the Magazine with it's own blog but that was a painful process and we thought maybe we should just keep going … Continue reading Just a little update