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A shout out and big thank you to The Stitchers, our House of Stitched Patreon members. House of Stitched Patreon is for those who want to be a part of the House from the inside out. Our members enjoy regular exclusive content and are the first to know about important announcements and what’s new and … Continue reading House of Stitched Patreon

Our new vp!

Welcome back, friends and followers, and a big welcome to our new followers. Thank you all for joining us. Stitched Smile Publications/House of Stitched has undergone some exciting changes recently to help with growing pains. One of those changes is our new Vice President, award-winning author Candace Nola. Candace has been on the House of … Continue reading Our new vp!

Monthly Unfair Contest announcement

We Love Our Readership! At STITCHED SMILE PUBLICATIONS and HOUSE OF STITCHED we are dedicated to honoring the fans and readership. So every month, we will do an unfair contest! You won't know how to enter, or what the prize is until we announce it, but one thing we are looking for is reader engagement. … Continue reading Monthly Unfair Contest announcement

Just a little update

Hello everyone! If you're a new subscriber, or one of our loyal followers from the beginning, you'll be seeing a lot more posts here. Hopefully, this is a good thing. We tried to compartmentalize the Magazine with it's own blog but that was a painful process and we thought maybe we should just keep going … Continue reading Just a little update

A Brand New Year 2020

Stitched Smile Publications has gone through many changes in the years it has been active. Since 2015, our house has pushed the limits of expectation for independent authors. We've dedicated countless hours to mentoring, and building our brand. In 2020, it will happen again. With many small presses emerging, we've re-evaluated our mission and have … Continue reading A Brand New Year 2020


  I take great pleasure in announcing the start of presales for Stitched Smile Publications Magazine! We are here for the horror connoisseur, serving up the very best dishes of the strange, the frightening, and the horrifically beautiful. It's sixty-four full color pages crammed to busting with work by supremely talented authors, poets, and artists! … Continue reading EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! STITCHED SMILE MAGAZINE LAUNCHES PRESALES!

Stitched Smile Publications … The Magazine, coming Jan 2018!

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