Happy Monday. It’s time for Did You Know.

There are a lot of differing opinions about listening to audiobooks vs visually reading a book, but did you know listening to audiobooks can be therapeutic?

It’s true.

audiobookFor many, the first experience of books is not reading to ourselves but being read to by others: parents, older siblings, other family members, teachers, even sitters. Being read to was calming and constituted caring attention from the person reading. It sparked the imagination and distracted from the everyday. These soothing qualities can also apply to people as they get older, as can the nostalgia of being read to.

Self-soothing is a great aspect of listening to audiobooks for those who enjoy it, but there are other advantages as well. Those who are not visually impaired are prone to suffer visual overstimulation due to the regular use of computers, tablets, and phones. Audiobooks are a great way for people to enjoy a story without using their overtaxed eyes. Many also enjoy listening to audiobooks instead of music when doing tasks such as house work, sewing or other needlework, woodworking, and more.

So while audiobooks may not be your thing, and that’s valid too, now you can understand why others enjoy them.


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