Happy Monday! It’s time for Did You Know. With the arrival of December and the approaching Christmas holiday, many people begin to talk about Krampus, the evil twin/opposite of Santa Claus. Horror fans especially enjoy legendary and modern stories about Krampus. But did you Krampus has his own day? Well, night, actually. It’s true. December … Continue reading KRAMPUS

Magazine Update

House of Stitched Magazine Update! We have exciting news! The print version of this issue of House of Stitched magazine will have bonus content: the Stitched Saturday stories! Unfortunately, the print version of the magazine, like many print versions these days, has suffered some delays, but we will be making announcements this weekend. Watch this … Continue reading Magazine Update

The Jack-O’-Lantern

Happy Monday. It’s time for another Halloween Did You Know. A fun modern Halloween tradition is the carving of the pumpkin! Typically, the pumpkin is hollowed out, a face is carved into one side, and a candle or other light is placed inside, making it a lantern. These days, many different types of artistic carvings … Continue reading The Jack-O’-Lantern


Happy Monday! It’s time for Did You Know. Many of us are excited about Halloween approaching, and people enjoy the day (and night) in many different ways. But did you know the name Halloween has nothing to do with pumpkin and candy traditions? It’s true. The moniker “Halloween” is a shortening of All Hallows’ Eve; … Continue reading “Halloween”

Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Happy Tuesday. Today we have an Exclusive Sneak Peak at The Death House, the upcoming novel from Joshua MacMillan, including the official backcover blurb, the cover, and an excerpt! Nick and Jerry have been searching for the fabled extreme haunt: The Death House, and they may have bit off more than they can chew. After … Continue reading Exclusive Sneak Peek!

It’s October

Happy Monday! It’s now October! Did you know October wasn’t always the tenth month? It’s true. The name October comes from the Latin octo, meaning eight, because it was the eighth month of the early Roman calendar, which was a lunar calendar. This lunar calendar contained 10 months: Martius, Aprilis, Maius, Iunius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, … Continue reading It’s October

The Bones of Amoret

Happy Tuesday. Today we celebrate author Arthur Herbert and his award-winning novel, published by Stitched Smile Publications in February of this year. The Bones of Amoret by Arthur Herbert has won the NYC Big Book Award for Best Overall Western Fiction Novel. Join us in congratulating Arthur and check out this fantastic novel. Amoret, Texas, … Continue reading The Bones of Amoret