Just a little update

Hello everyone!

If you’re a new subscriber, or one of our loyal followers from the beginning, you’ll be seeing a lot more posts here. Hopefully, this is a good thing. We tried to compartmentalize the Magazine with it’s own blog but that was a painful process and we thought maybe we should just keep going here to allow our readers more information, more free reading, and to once more be active in the SSP community.

We have so much more coming your way! The House of Stitched Magazine has also expanded to Patreon and we throw all kinds of extras to our followers there. If you’re so inclined, please join us with your support on that platform: http://www.patreon.com/houseofstitchedmagazine

We’ll be getting into the writing prompts again, soon, as well! Hopefully, we’ll see some of you come back around and join in the fun again.

We hope all of you are safe and well!

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