CEO and Owner – Lisa Vasquez

Lisa is a writer, mentor, graphic designer and Darque Queen. Her majesty fills her court with only the most magical and talented in all the lands. Under her leadership, authors will find the strength and guidance needed to wield their mighty swords, cut through creatures with a sharp tongue, and weave stories to be told for generations to come.

Executive Assistant – Larissa Bennett

Larissa brings magic to the House of Stitched by serving as the wizard of words and fae of filing. She ensures all calendars are free of witchery and glitchery. A writer and poet, she brings peace and serenity to all by staying hidden behind the enchanted curtain until she is needed.

Author Liaison – A.J. Brown

A.J. Brown is a narrative necromancer, bringing “horror with heart” to every tale he touches and bringing creatures to life (even if they shouldn’t be). His lantern sways in the darkness, and brings to light all clandestine mysteries of writing. His ability to walk between worlds (publishing and writing) gives him a power and respect among the House of Stitched Family.

Editor-in-Chief – Donelle Pardee Whiting

Donelle, known to Stitchers as “Domina”, brings her experience as an investigative journalist and editor in both fiction and non-fiction. Wielding her marking pen like a sword, she serves as the front line defense to slay the erroneous monsters hidden between the lines. Her duty is to protect the Queen and her authors from the foul curse of the typo-demons.