#StitchedSaturday – Scott Deegan – (second entry)

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Then as it was, then again it will be

Ten Years Gone – Led Zeppelin

No charges were ever brought in the case of Ruth Johnson’s dead husband, Orville. The Granite County Sheriff’s department, although they didn’t have proof laid the blame on the River Boys, a bunch of lowlife meth dealers who were both too stupid and too lazy to actually commit murder. The River Boys didn’t care that the cops let it slip they suspected them. It made people fear them and nobody was late with what they owed given the gruesome state that Orville Johnson’s body was found in.

The Elder was dead. Orville Johnson was dead. They had both died the same night above the Tongue River in Granite County. The Elder was the closest thing that would qualify as a father to Chester, and even that was a stretch. The Elder was merely a system to move the eggs to suitable incubators so the species could survive. It would mutate absorbing the DNA strains of the incubator, but the core species would be safe. Orville Johnson on the other hand was nothing to Chester.

It had been six months since he was born and Chester could now pass for twelve or thirteen. Both his sex drive and his hunger increased daily. Ruth, who Chester thought of more as a servant than a mother, knew about both and helped provide for his needs. She never gave him her body but would hire local ladies or invite coworkers for him to seduce, which he did the same way the Elder did by secreting his scent. Feeding was a different matter, altogether. Like any other alpha male of a species, Chester would not allow any competition to remain in the river bottom. Those who didn’t heed the mental warnings he emitted became food. The first time he fed he couldn’t yet hunt on his own and relied on Ruth to bring his prey to him.

Lester Craig was a dirtbag that even other dirtbags looked down on. Lester’s daughter Ashley had a six month old baby and no job other than the prostitution her father forced her into. Because of this Ashley was on the county for foodstamps and cash, her father took both. When the baby, who many believed was Lester’s, was old enough for Ashley to return to work she feared she’d come home to find her father had done something to her daughter. Touched her, beat her, or even killed her. It was a fear that never left Ashley’s mind. Which is how Lester Craig became dinner.

Ashley just so happened to be at the Do Drop Inn one night when Ruth went looking to satisfy the tamer of Chester’s appetites. Ashley who was under the mistaken impression that she would be with Ruth that night, went willingly enough. She actually preferred the women  over the men because they were more likely to have bathed recently and never hit her. When she arrived at Ruth’s home and saw that her true client appeared to be a preteen boy she didn’t even hesitate and shed her clothes right there. Chester’s scent was that powerful. It was during their copulation that Chester probed her mind, it wasn’t intentional, he just hadn’t learned to control it yet. Afterward Chester had Ruth question Ashley about her father as she drove her back to town. Ashley was more than happy to provide her with answers.

Lester Craig it turned out was a regular day drinker at the Do Drop Inn. When Ashleywent out at night he put his granddaughter in her crib and started hitting the meth pipe. Ashley would come home from turning tricks to find her father passed out, the baby screaming in her soiled diaper, obviously neglected and hungry. Sometimes Lester was no where to be found and the baby had been left alone. Ashley was pretty sure her father’s smoke had turned her daughter into an addict the way the baby would sometimes cry all day until the meth smoke started to fill the small house again. She hated her father and had tried to leave many times but people were afraid of Lester Craig.  Even the Sheriff would bring Ashley back, for which Lester made sure Ashley gave him a freebie. So when Ruth said Chester wanted Lester as a meal, Ashley was all for it. She too would do anything for Chester, even kill her father.

It was just past ten o’clock on a Tuesday morning when Ruth sat down beside Lester who was well into his fourth drink of the day. For a Tuesday morning the Do Drop Inn had a fair amount of customers, it looked like Lester wasn’t the only day drinker in the town of Dale. Lester gave her sideways glance when she claimed the stool next to him and went back to his drink. She got his attention again by laying her hand on the bar slightly revealing a glass tube, Ashley had said her wasn’t one to pass on free meth. When he looked at Ruth, she nodded towards the door and proceeded to leave the bar. He sat for a moment longer finishing his drink and then went to find her. He saw her disappear around the back where a small storage shed made a great little hiding place for doing all kinds of illegal substances. It was Ashley herself who swung the bat that knocked Lester out, and she felt like she hit a home run.

Lester Craig had no idea where he was or how he got there, he remembered he wanting to hit the pipe with the woman whose husband was found scattered through tree tops and then nothing. But he now found himself in a kitchen he didn’t know in a house he didn’t recognize. With a massive headache and some crusty dried on his left cheek. Some kid sat across the table from him and it didn’t matter what Lester said to him, the kid didn’t respond. Movement caught his eye and he saw the woman from the bar walk in with his daughter who was carrying her baby. Ashley was smiling and pointing him out to the baby like they had just come for some kind of family visit.

Before Lester could ask what was going on Chester had pierced both of his shoulders by stabbing a tentacle through each turning his questions to screams. Ashley jumped at the speed by which Chester had moved but stood watching, fascinated by the scene playing out before her and becoming aroused. Chester reached out with his hands and moved the table that was between him and Ashley’s father. When he stood in front of Lester he opened his mouth and a long pointed tube like thing emerged. Lester’s eye widened and his screams intensified as the pointed thing stabbed into the top of his head where Ashley had split his skull. Chester began to drink him like a milkshake working the tube deeper into Lester’s skull and down through his body. When he was finished Chester retracted the tube back down his throat and unhinged his jaw, using his tentacles he lifted Lester and stripped the clothes from his body. He then proceeded to shove what was left into his mouth. He chewed loudly while making a mewing sound before swallowing. He pulled his tentacles back and folded them into his body. He used Lester’s shirt to wipe his hands and face clean. When Chester turned he held his hand out to Ashley who passed the infant to Ruth and followed Chester to the bedroom.

Ruth took the baby and with her free hand picked Lester’s clothes from the floor and dropped them into the trash. She hummed as she softly nuzzled the baby as she carrying it into the living room. She had a feel she would be spending a lot of time with the baby and she didn’t mind one bit.




My name is Scott Deegan I’m stay at home dad in the little town of Pequot Lakes MN. I have always wanted to write horror stories, but before this I’ve never showed anyone. I left high school during Christmas break in tenth grade and took my GED. Because of this I didn’t think anyone would even look at my writing. I’m not a dumb person, but dropping out of school I now believe was a stupid thing to do.

I did try writing a number of years ago but was told by my now ex wife that I wasn’t any good and shouldn’t waste my time. I trashed all my stories.

I’ve always loved horror both reading and writing. I feel I have a talent for it and wanted to start seeing if others agree. I’m getting a bit of a late start but I’m good at this and just too out of shape and too old to become a professional wrestler. I have written reviews of horror books that can be found on Goodreads, Amazon, and the Facebook group Books Of Horror.

2 thoughts on “#StitchedSaturday – Scott Deegan – (second entry)

  1. This is great. I very much enjoy reading all these that you have written and hope that very soon I can read a whole book written by you.


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