Haunted Locations: Stull Cemetery- Lecompton, Kansas.

Welcome back to Weird Wednesday where we explore the frightening, the fearful, and the freaky! Hope all of you friendly fiends are ready for today’s edition! Stull Cemetery in Lecompton Kansas has one of the most colorful back stories of this series, so far. Rumored to contain the actual Highway to Hell and has been … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Stull Cemetery- Lecompton, Kansas.

Haunted Locations: Mansfield Reformatory, Ohio

Welcome back to Weird Wednesday where we like to take a walk on the wild side!Today, we visit Mansfield Reformatory, home of the Shawshank Redemption film location! The Ohio State Reformatory began construction in 1886, right on top of a former Civil War Camp site and admitted its first inmate in 1896. The goal of … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Mansfield Reformatory, Ohio

Haunted Locations: Daksa Island

Welcome back to Weird Wednesday, horror fiends, friends, and family. In today’s excursion, we travel halfway around the world to Croatia, to a tiny place called Daksa Island. Daksa Island is north of Dubrovnik, and in the distant past, had been home to Franciscan monks, dating back to 1291. For hundreds of years, the tiny … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Daksa Island

Haunted Locations: LaLaurie House-New Orleans

Welcome back to another Weird Wednesday. I hope everyone is ready for another ghostly adventure! In today’s venture, we travel to New Orleans French Quarter, to 1140 Royal Street, to be exact. The infamous LaLaurie Mansion, where Madame LaLaurie lived with her third husband, Leonard Louis Nicolas LaLaurie and two of her children. This is … Continue reading Haunted Locations: LaLaurie House-New Orleans

Haunted Locations-The Villisca Murder House

June 10, 1912, in the small town of Villisca, Iowa, an unknown person enters the home of Mr. Josiah Moore, sometime after midnight, proceeds to slaughter every person inside beginning with two little girls, ages 12 and 8, by the name of Lena and Ina Stillinger. Both little girls were sleeping in the parlor and … Continue reading Haunted Locations-The Villisca Murder House

Haunted Locations: Winchester house

Welcome back to Weird Wednesday! Tonight, we get back into our haunted locations for all of you ghost hunting phenoms out there. Those dark denizens of the disturbed, explorers of the extremely eerie, fans of the frightful, etc., etc.!  Let’s just jump right in, shall we? Winchester House. One of the most famous haunted houses … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Winchester house

Haunted Locations: An Exorcism in Iowa

Welcome back to another Weird Wednesday, where we like to explore things that are dark and disturbing, decaying and decomposing, dead and devilish. Those places haunted by bad deeds, bad blood, and bad memories. The empty caskets and mass graves, the murderers, those that are dark and depraved, demons of death, dealers of decomposition. Where … Continue reading Haunted Locations: An Exorcism in Iowa