Stitched Saturday – This weeks Challenge

Hi, horror fans! For this weeks challenge, the theme is Creepy Photographs.  Below are three inspirational pictures - pick the one that shouts (or screams) the loudest to you, and create a piece of flash fiction between 500 and 1000 words in length.  Submit them in the comments of this post, and they'll be revealed … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – This weeks Challenge

Stitched Saturday

Unedited, Uncensored, Unsettling… Welcome to another Stitched Saturday!  This week we have a bumper selection of stories by myself, Draven Ames and Mike L Lane - all the stories were inspired by the picture that precedes them.  This weeks excellent inspirational pictures were chosen by the aforementioned Mike 🙂 There'll be another Stitched Saturday Flash Fiction … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched Saturday – This weeks Challenge

It's Stitched Saturday Flash Fiction prompt time again! This weeks two pictures have been provided by regular contributor Mike L. Lane.  We're looking for stories inspired by the associated pictures of between 300 and 1,000 words in length, and any contributions will be posted up on this Saturdays blog entry.  Please submit your stories as comments to … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – This weeks Challenge

Stitched Saturday

Unedited, Uncensored, Unsettling... Apologies for the slightly later Stitched Saturday post than usual, horror fans. This week has two tales of terror inspired by the attached inspirational picture. A sinister little tale from the ever talented Mike L. Lane and a little bite-sized piece of written by me. Without further ado... Freckles - Mike L Lane “The … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched Saturday – This weeks Challenge

Here are the details of the Flash Fiction challenge for this coming Stitched Saturday (the 22nd of April) There are two pictures to choose from this week - post your story as a comment on this blog post, stating which picture (1 or 2) has inspired your tale. Come up with something suitably chilling between 500 … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – This weeks Challenge

Stitched Saturday

Unedited, Uncensored, Unsettling... The Flash Fiction challenge this week was a little different - as opposed to a single picture, three were given as inspiration. We have four pieces of short fiction from four writers for your delectation and delight. Thanks to Mike L. Lane,  Jason Morton and Tilby Noir.  The picture that inspired each … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

GUEST BLOG! Stuart R. Brogan

Horror authors aren’t real authors. Are they? By Stuart R Brogan Having spent the last few years concentrating on my non-fiction, Heathen and Pagan works, it was time to take the tentative, yet exciting steps towards writing my debut horror / thriller. Something I had been eager to do for a very long time. As … Continue reading GUEST BLOG! Stuart R. Brogan

Teaser Tuesday: Baby Grand

That's right! A new story is coming your way, and here's a taste, just a little tease, to whet your appetite. Six years ago, Rhianne made a careless mistake with devastating consequences. Stalked by guilt and an ever-present anger she can't evade, she takes each day as it comes, while maintaining a civil, but distant, … Continue reading Teaser Tuesday: Baby Grand

Art, art and more art

Greg Chapman - Dark Designs

It’s been quite a while between posts and that’s mainly because I’ve been a tad busy creating fresh book cover art and internal art for various book and magazine publishers.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been churning out from the meat grinder.

The biggest project was providing cover art and about 20 internal illustrations for the anthology, “Anatomy of Monsters”, edited by Robert Teun and soon to be released in print and digital from Stitched Smile Publications. The book will feature stories from the likes of Ramsey Campbell, Gary McMahon, Josh Malerman, Brian Hodge, Nicholas Vince, and even one from yours truly! Follow this link for more info

I had a blast working with Robert and SSP to bring these pieces to life and the stories (which reinvent the origins of famous literary and movie monsters) are really fantastic.

Meanwhile, I’ve also supplied some art to Voodoo Press for…

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