Make it THUNDER for Lori Fontanez

We would appreciate your support for our newest author released from Stitched Smile Publications. No money is desired just a quick minute of your time to show support for a fellow creative. Please and Thank YOU ~ Jackie  


Editing an Autobiography or no?

While I am a firm believer in having my books edited, I never did with my autobiography. I just felt like when writing it; it was straight from my heart and for me, it was something I wanted to be 'just mine.' Granted I didn't just slop it together or such but as I am … Continue reading Editing an Autobiography or no?

What Does It Take to Be An Indie Author

People often wonder what's so hard about writing and being self published. I get asked all the time, "How hard can it really be?" Let me tell you how hard it is. Most Indie authors don't make enough to give up their day job. So let's guest take into consideration that many are trying to … Continue reading What Does It Take to Be An Indie Author

The Art of the Pull (Client Building)

The Art of the Pull Social media, when it first came to be, was the place to push a creatives work. Get it to the masses quickly, and efficiently. However, as with all things, the approach to new clients changes with the times. Sites like Facebook are taking the ability to get information regarding our … Continue reading The Art of the Pull (Client Building)

Heartland – Flash Fiction – Mark E. Deloy

The boy trudged across the blood-splattered, waist high wheat field, moving toward the decrepit farmhouse in the east corner of the property. He wore grungy overalls with no shirt underneath. His boots had bone chips embedded in the soles. The wind blew his maple colored hair across his delicate face. He had been lovely once, … Continue reading Heartland – Flash Fiction – Mark E. Deloy