Editing tips by Sylvia Stein

The best advice I ever got as a writer was to wait and edit my draft once I was through writing it. Then begin on the revisions. This way I could see if the story made sense. I can't tell you how important this piece of advice helped me with the editing process. This is … Continue reading Editing tips by Sylvia Stein

Villains and Violence – Part 1

One of our VIP authors takes you down a dark path. And it’s a path led by violence. This is where real horror comes from; real life.

Creepy Ramblings From Your Friendly Neighborhood Psychopath

Though one can write about many things unfamiliar with enough research, writing about what you know, especially the things you know fairly intimately, gives a certain amount of authority to your voice. My most successful endeavors thus far certainly fall into this category.

My short novellas Ashley’s Tale and Ashley’s Tale: Making Jake both do a cannonball jump into the deep end of the violence pool but not mindlessly so. They focus on a particularly violent man with a vicious past and a disturbing philosophy and psychology.

My novel Low, which was just picked up by Stitched Smile Publications, revolves around a police officer and shows some of the lowest and most violent elements of society in vivid detail.

I like my villains to be smart, genuinely disturbing, and multifaceted. An atypically shaped peg that does not fit easily into any round, square or otherwise commonly shaped hole. I want…

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Flash Fiction / Short Story by Veronica Smith

Last week I was up late, waiting for my sleeping pill to kick in. I’ve suffered from Insomnia for years, and only Zolpidem lets me sleep through the night without waking every hour. But, if I stay up too late it tends to make me woozy. Anyway, this particular night I was coming from my … Continue reading Flash Fiction / Short Story by Veronica Smith

Getting personal with Jack Ketchum

By Becky Narron and A.J. Brown I have been honored to meet, talk to and interview many talented and amazing authors. This next man certainly needs no introduction. I am thrilled that he was more than willing to take time to talk to me and let me do an interview with him. He has been … Continue reading Getting personal with Jack Ketchum

Under Pressure…

I have 1484 ‘friends’ on my Facebook page. Whether I know all 1484 of them personally doesn’t matter. At some point, we made a mutual agreement to become acquainted. One of us sought out the other one and said ‘hello.’ The other one responded by accepting that ‘hello’ and becoming friends. Isn’t that how life … Continue reading Under Pressure…

Unleashing the voices within- prerelease party

Stitched Smile Publications had the awesome event this past Thursday for the pre-release party of Unleashing the Voices within which is an amazing anthology with 22 stories and some very talented authors. This event had an incredible variety of authors from Ty Schamberger, Justin Gowland, Mark Deloy, Briana Robertson, R. Judas Brown and Jeff Parsons … Continue reading Unleashing the voices within- prerelease party

Put Your Best Grammar Forward

I'm going to make this short and sweet. Grammar matters. Punctuation matters. Proper grammar and punctuation matter. Especially if you are/market yourself as an author. Yes, even on the internet. And in this day and age? Maybe most importantly on the internet. Now, I'm not talking about the occasional typo or the use/lack of use of an … Continue reading Put Your Best Grammar Forward