Stitched… Sunday!

After a brief unexpected absence of a week, we're back! As well as having the customary inspirational pictures for a story for next Saturday (no upper or lower word limits - go for it) we have the first part of a excellent new story - In Dire Straits - from Stitched Saturday newcomer Alisha Jordan. … Continue reading Stitched… Sunday!


Stitched Saturday

Take a few pew, horror fans!  Only the one submission this week, based on my concept from a fortnight ago of having a story that opened with the line... "Tina pressed her foot down on the accelerator and didn't look back." ...but boy, what a story we've got. The ever-excellent Mike L Lane has, in … Continue reading Stitched Saturday

Stitched… Sunday?

Uncensored, unedited, unsettling... Slightly later than usual, here's this weeks Stitched Flash Fiction results - You may remember than Aiden Leingod presented us with a number of pictures last week, all based around the theme of music.  This week we have three tales from the theme - Instrument of Destruction by yours truly, Mother Stamper's … Continue reading Stitched… Sunday?

Fleshing It Out With Lisa Vasquez

For the better part of the last seventeen months I’ve gotten to work with Lisa Vasquez, owner of Stitched Smile Publications, graphic designer and author. She’s witty and funny and believes in shenanigans. She is also hard working, dedicated and determined. I think this is why we get along, even though our personalities should clash. Back in … Continue reading Fleshing It Out With Lisa Vasquez

Stitched Saturday – This Weeks Challenge

Another Sunday challenge is upon us - don't they come around quick?  This weeks inspiration is provided by Aiden Leingod, whose name you might recognise as being the contributor to a great many Stitched Saturdays - he's the scribe of many a twisted tale. Anyway, this week's theme is that of music. Aiden's provided with four … Continue reading Stitched Saturday – This Weeks Challenge