Venomous Words

Happy Thursday! Let’s talk about more dark poetry. If you prefer or maybe simply enjoy brief poems, consider Venomous Words by Jeff Oliver and Gordon Reilly, a book of dark poetry and disturbing macrophotography. Within these pages lies venom. Within these pages await something you may never have seen before. Introducing Venomous Words. A brand … Continue reading Venomous Words

TBT House of Stitched

Happy Throwback Thursday! Two years ago, Stitched Smile Publications released the October 2020 issue of House of Stitched Magazine. This issue included an extensive personal interview with Josh Malerman; an interview with Wrath James White about the origin, history, and rebirth of KillerCon; book, game, and movie reviews; writing tips; short fiction; and more. House … Continue reading TBT House of Stitched

Haunted Objects: Tallman Bunk Beds

Welcome to weird Wednesday where we explore the darkest corners of the globe, searching for the mysterious and unknown. Today’s search takes us to Horicon, WI and the Tallman Bunk Beds. 1987 was a good year for a lot of people, but not for everyone. Enter the Tallman family: dad, Alan, a supervisor in a … Continue reading Haunted Objects: Tallman Bunk Beds

The Bones of Amoret

Happy Tuesday. Today we celebrate author Arthur Herbert and his award-winning novel, published by Stitched Smile Publications in February of this year. The Bones of Amoret by Arthur Herbert has won the NYC Big Book Award for Best Overall Western Fiction Novel. Join us in congratulating Arthur and check out this fantastic novel. Amoret, Texas, … Continue reading The Bones of Amoret

True Crime Sunday: Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen (Part 1)

Welcome back to True Crime Sunday! This week we’re going to take a look at the first suspect to be caught with the aid of wireless telegraphy, Dr. Crippen. In 1905, Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippin, a homeopath, and his wife Cora, and aspiring singer, moved into their home and began taking lodgers. It is reported … Continue reading True Crime Sunday: Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen (Part 1)

Halloween Tales

Happy Friday. What’s everyone reading? Halloween books are already being released, which means fun Halloween reading has already begun. Author Nicholas Gray has just released his short collection Nicholas Gray's Halloween Tales. Halloween is a holiday of fright, a time to dress up and go house to house for candy, a time for fun. But … Continue reading Halloween Tales

TBT Innocence Ends

Happy Throwback Thursday! In 2020, House of Stitched’s own Nikolas P. Robinson released his novel Innocence Ends. Six friends meet together in an isolated mountain town in Northern Idaho to commemorate the fifth anniversary of a close friend’s suicide. A week of hiking, spending time in nature, and bittersweet reunion soon takes a sinister turn … Continue reading TBT Innocence Ends

Haunted OBject: The Ghost Ship Lady Lovibond

Welcome to weird Wednesday where we explore the darkest corners of the globe, searching for the mysterious and unknown. Our search this week turns up the Ghost Ship Lady Lovibond, a triple-masted schooner, and todays haunted object. The 1700’s weren’t kind to women. There was a superstition that any woman aboard a sea vessel would … Continue reading Haunted OBject: The Ghost Ship Lady Lovibond

Coming Soon

Happy Tuesday! Here at SSP/HoS, we are happy and proud to support authors outside our House and work to encourage diversity in the industry. Today, let’s look at two very different upcoming horror genre books by female authors. ***** Heather Miller is an up-and-coming horror known for her gift with dark gothic and folklore stories. … Continue reading Coming Soon