What is the payment for accepted work? Payment for each submission is based upon a few variables. Each contract is personalized and considered confidential information. For anthologies, it will vary on how many words we ask for until we come up with a pay structure for “per word” that we feel is fair.

How should documents be formatted for submission? We would prefer to have your submissions in the form of a .doc file but will accept .pdf as well. There is more information regarding submissions HERE

Where do we send submissions? Submissions should be sent to stitchedsmilespublications@gmail.com

How long can we expect for a response on a submission? Responses for submissions range from immediate, to 4 weeks but that also depends on how busy we are and if it’s an open call. Most open calls will have a deadline and we will do our best to respond with acceptance/rejection before that deadline.

What kinds of books/stories do you want? We are looking for books with a “dark theme” and encourage our authors creativity. Do you right a dark romance? Send it! Do you write Dark Sci-Fi? Send that, too.

Do you publish short stories or poetry? Yes, we do.

Do you publish hard copies as well as e-books? We will be publishing some books in hard cover depending on the demand and/or sales.