How much royalty do you give to your authors?

The amount of royalty depends on the author’s experience level. We put a lot of hard work into cover concept and design, setting up local meet and greets, attending conventions. All of this is expensive but the payoff is invaluable. For new authors coming in, we will set up an interview with management via Skype and see how much mentoring and preparation will need to be applied to your work. 

How long does it take to edit my book?

We get asked this a lot. While it is a fair question, a lot of variables go into the answer. Are there authors ahead of you? How much work needs to be done on your manuscript? Are you applying the changes in a timely manner? Is it the right time to market this particular subject matter? It’s not simply a matter of how fast we can edit the book, you-the author are involved in this from day one. Are we waiting for blurbs from reviewers/authors? Are we waiting on formatting? Are we fact checking details of your work? Unless you hand us a professionally edited (and even then it must meet our standards) book, the short answer is: It will take as long as it takes. We are a small company, we have limited budget, and we do this for the love of what we do … but love doesn’t pay the bills. We find it more prudent to publish within our means. Our goal is longevity and success. Two things which require one key ingredient: Patience.