Are you who we’re looking for?

Horror Book Readers: Fans of horror books, including indie horror authors and Stephen King, exclusive author interviews or features, or other book-related items. Movie Buffs: Fans of horror movies, particularly slacker movies or independent horror films, merchandise from your favorite horror movies, or collectibles related to horror films. Collectors: Collectors of horror memorabilia and collectibles … Continue reading Are you who we’re looking for?

New Face, Who Dis?

It’s still us! Same badass logo and colors. Same badass attitude. The difference is, we’re leaving the publishing to other publishers for the most part. We’ll publish here and there, but not like before. We’re focusing on everything the author needs to help them get published. From editing to book covers and reviews, we are … Continue reading New Face, Who Dis?

Yuletide Season

Happy Monday! It’s time for Did You Know. You are probably familiar with the seasonal tradition of the Yule log and have likely heard the Christmas carol “Deck the Halls” lyric  “troll the ancient yuletide carol.” Today, “Yule” and “Yuletide” are largely associated with Christmas, but did you know the meaning behind Yule is quite … Continue reading Yuletide Season