Happy Throwback Thursday! Today we have a throwback to December 2016, a seasonal poem from the Darque Bard, Matthew Byers. Twas the Night Before Yuletideor Santa vs. the Reindeer Twas the night before Yuletide, and all through the landSanta Claus was preparing to make Christmas grand.He went out to his stables, his heart full of … Continue reading TBT: TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE YULETIDE

Æschere’s Head

Happy Throwback Thursday. In November of 2016, The Darque Bard (aka James Matthew Byers) posted: “… a sonnet depicting the brutal death of Æschere, King Hrothgar’s closest friend. He is said to have spoken of the unseen; the mysteries hidden about their world of Midgard. This is why I believe Grendel’s mother chose him specifically. … Continue reading Æschere’s Head

Dark Poetry

Poetry. The word brings many things to mind. Beautiful haiku. Dirty limerick. Deep verse. Flowing prose. But readers of dark fiction often think of darker creations, and their minds turn to Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and Lovecraft’s “Fungi from Yuggoth.” But the dark beauty and flowing horrors of dark poetry and horror poetry are … Continue reading Dark Poetry