Rule #3,671: Don’t Annoy Your Audience

I've got a secret for you: We all want to sell books. Crazy, I know. But it's true. Whether we're self-published, indie published, or are lucky enough to get signed by one of the Big Four, we all want people to buy--and hopefully read--our books. Here's another secret for you: If you're an author, and … Continue reading Rule #3,671: Don’t Annoy Your Audience

I’m back!

It feel's good to be back in the book world! A few Months ago I took a break due to health issues and recently decided to come back to books. Being the first YA Author for SSP is exciting and also not really scary but I do have to step up my game in order … Continue reading I’m back!

Word Association..

From the Desk of the CEO... Everyone talks about how "nice" people are. In business, there's a stigma attached to this label. "Oh, their staff is so nice there!" And then all your friends shuffle in and blindly follow the "nice" signs to the "nice" building. The problem is nice doesn't always mean that you're … Continue reading Word Association..

Time to Get Gishy

I am Deanna, one of the editors here at Stitched Smile. A couple of weeks ago, I told the big bosses here that I would have to take last week off for a vacation, and I was told that would be fine, as long as I blogged about it. So strap in, because this blog … Continue reading Time to Get Gishy