Welcome to Stitched Smile Publications.

We are an Independent Publishing Company specializing in helping authors of every experience level. We offer personal development, in-house graphic design for covers, in-house editors, and a team of beta readers.

We mentor, educate, and inspire authors who are looking for a guiding hand.

In our house, authors are hands on. Everyone collaborates as a team and puts in their blood, sweat, and tears so everyone can be a part of the results.

Our Passion: The Words

We strive to bring the standard of Indie Publishing to a higher level of expectation. Authors who come to us receive help from the ground up, or they can be more hands on. We seek to develop a community that works together and supports the small businesses of the industry. We offer competitive benefits and royalties depending on what your level of need is. For us, it’s all about a support system.
We only want authors who are serious about being proactive and engaged as a team, as a writer, and as part of the family. If you’re looking to work hard, exercise your creative mind, and be part of a different kind of publishing experience we’d love to talk to you.


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