Are you who we’re looking for?

Horror Book Readers: Fans of horror books, including indie horror authors and Stephen King, exclusive author interviews or features, or other book-related items. Movie Buffs: Fans of horror movies, particularly slacker movies or independent horror films, merchandise from your favorite horror movies, or collectibles related to horror films. Collectors: Collectors of horror memorabilia and collectibles … Continue reading Are you who we’re looking for?

New Face, Who Dis?

It’s still us! Same badass logo and colors. Same badass attitude. The difference is, we’re leaving the publishing to other publishers for the most part. We’ll publish here and there, but not like before. We’re focusing on everything the author needs to help them get published. From editing to book covers and reviews, we are … Continue reading New Face, Who Dis?

TBT Innocence Ends

Happy Throwback Thursday! In 2020, House of Stitched’s own Nikolas P. Robinson released his novel Innocence Ends. Six friends meet together in an isolated mountain town in Northern Idaho to commemorate the fifth anniversary of a close friend’s suicide. A week of hiking, spending time in nature, and bittersweet reunion soon takes a sinister turn … Continue reading TBT Innocence Ends


Happy Friday! What’s everyone reading? House of Stitched’s own Thomas R Clark has a new book out: SummerHome. After Maureen Coleman is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's, her children bring her to live at SummerHome. As her condition deteriorates, siblings Sean Spencer and Meghan Coleman are unsure if they have made the correct decision. They … Continue reading SummerHome

Throwback Thursday

Time for Throwback Thursday. Two years ago, Stitched Smile Publications released Patchwork, the debut horror collection from Desiree Byars. Stitched together inside are four individual short stories, each a unique tale. Dive under the Patchwork quilt and snuggle with some new friends: Bailey Marie, the neglected, spiteful child. The ASMR addict who can’t be satisfied. … Continue reading Throwback Thursday

Love & Other Dead Things

The horror genre has talented authors all over the world. The important thing when reading a book by an author who is from a different region or country than yourself is to remember their dialect may be profoundly different than yours, sometimes spelling is different too. Today we look at Love & Other Dead Things … Continue reading Love & Other Dead Things

Do Not Weep for Me

Happy Friday. What’s everyone reading? Today we look at the novel Do Not Weep for Me by Tony Tremblay. Goffstown, New Hampshire has seen its share of supernatural mayhem, murder, and monsters. With the banishment of the demon James Moore, some in the town believed their bloody past was behind them. The devil knows better. … Continue reading Do Not Weep for Me

TBT A Stitch of Madness

Welcome to Throwback Thursday. In 2016, Stitched Smile released A Stitch of Madness, a short story collection by A.J. Brown. Madness: extremely foolish behavior. Imprisoned for the murder of his best friend, Johnny Cleary sets out to tell what happened on the day Bobby “Buster” Lennon died, but are the words he writes true or … Continue reading TBT A Stitch of Madness