Granville by Alice J Black and David Owain Hughes

Immerse yourself in the world of a young misfit who wants nothing more than to fit in….somewhere.

Stanley just wants to be accepted. He is bullied at school and made fun of by the other kids including that girl, you know that girl, the one he wants and adores. He has tried calling her, talking to her and asking her out. She rejects him.

Mom is overweight and depressed and mistreats Stanley because she blames him for his father leaving. So no relief for poor Stanley at home either, but he has a hobby.

Stanley makes masks. He has an entire collection of them lining his bedroom wall. Every thing from paper and tape to paper mache. He wants to try latex but has no money so he steals one of moms credit cards and orders some online.

After a really bad day in school he has had enough and decides that he will take matters into his own hands. He creates an alter ego and steals the mask off the scarecrow in the neighbors back yard. This is where things get really interesting for Stanley.

and so you know by now….I will not tell you anymore! Read the book….you won’t be sorry!

Blood guts, chills and thrills in this book and it really packs a punch. I never saw the ending coming! Absolutely loved it and hope to see another collaboration from these two authors in the future.

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