Getting personal with AJ Brown aka Jeff Brown

Ok my first author spotlight is a very talented man named Jeff Brown. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him over the last several months and he truly amazes me. He is a loving husband and father and works hard to provide for his family. I can not say enough that if you have not read anything by him you are truly missing out on a wonderful experience.

I asked Jeff why he wrote under the name AJ Brown instead of Jeff Brown. His reply made me smile. He told me that he was part of a group called The Horror Library and that the web mistress had accidentally put his name in as AJ instead of Jeff. She offered to change it but he decided that he liked it that way and it has been AJ ever since. His full name is Allan Jefferson Brown.

Jeff is 45 years old and lives in South Carolina with his beautiful wife Catherine (Cate) and two children also known as the boy and the girl. He met Cate while helping a friend that worked with the youth group at his church. She was a little younger than him and at first thought he was a little bossy (he laughed and said she was right) At first she wasn’t really interested in him but something changed and she invited him to a party and he went. While on the way she told him that there might be a boy there and if so Jeff was to pretend that he was her boyfriend. He said I just wanted out of the car. Instead of getting out he went with her and had a wonderful time pretending to be her boyfriend. It was a great day and I was thinking that this girl was really cool. The only problem I had was she was still a teenager and I was very careful because I was older. She was so pretty and really looked great in a bathing suit!! She kept asking me out and I went. I just realized one day that if things worked out this was the person I wanted to marry. Eventually that is exactly what happened. Jeff has told me several times that she makes me want to be a better person. Jeff has an older brother and a younger sister and brother.

The next question I asked Jeff was who is your favorite author? His response did not surprise me at all. Stephen King is my favorite. Is that what inspired you to write? He thought for a second and said My grandfather was a great storyteller, but having a nightmare inspired me to write.

So, what is your favorite book that you have written? Cory’s Way, followed closely by The Woodshed. Have you ever started a book and not finished writing it? I’ve probably scrapped as many ideas as I’ve actually finished. Anything you refuse to write? Yes, porn, erotica and anything blaspheming God. I tend to believe that you can write things with a subtle touch and get the message across just the same.

What is your favorite thing to do? Write, I love it. I use to draw and paint but now I only draw from time to time.

What is your big dream? To be able to make a living writing. That is what I have always wanted to do since I first started writing. I don’t care about being famous. It would be nice, but being able to support my family doing what I love would be awesome!

How many books have you written? Over a 1000 with 200 published in various web zines, anthologies and books. Wow that is amazing!

Jeff also writes a booklet that he sends to his followers called The Brown Bag Stories, filled with new and stories just for his followers. You can sign up for this by contacting Jeff through his author page on Facebook. He also has a newsletter that comes out once a month delivered to your email. He always signs it until next time be kind to one another.

Jeff as always it has been my pleasure talking to you and getting to know you better. I hope that your dream comes true and I have no doubt that it will! You are amazing!!!!

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