Getting personal with Jack Ketchum

By Becky Narron and A.J. Brown I have been honored to meet, talk to and interview many talented and amazing authors. This next man certainly needs no introduction. I am thrilled that he was more than willing to take time to talk to me and let me do an interview with him. He has been … Continue reading Getting personal with Jack Ketchum

Your opinion counts

As a reader and blogger, I have the amazing opportunity to interact with incredible authors. We talk about many things, such as marketing, books, publishing and reviews, but one of the most important things and that is reviews. For those of you who don't understand reviews, let me make it simple. A review is nothing … Continue reading Your opinion counts

Getting personal with David Owian Hughes

Today I had the pleasure of talking to David. He is charming, smart and has a wicked sense of humor that I just love. His accent will drive the girls wild. His stories are full of dark and evil things and for a mature audience (I know I’m not mature😁) and will get your blood … Continue reading Getting personal with David Owian Hughes

Granville by Alice J Black and David Owain Hughes

Immerse yourself in the world of a young misfit who wants nothing more than to fit in….somewhere. Stanley just wants to be accepted. He is bullied at school and made fun of by the other kids including that girl, you know that girl, the one he wants and adores. He has tried calling her, talking … Continue reading Granville by Alice J Black and David Owain Hughes

Getting personal with AJ Brown aka Jeff Brown

Ok my first author spotlight is a very talented man named Jeff Brown. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him over the last several months and he truly amazes me. He is a loving husband and father and works hard to provide for his family. I can not say enough that if … Continue reading Getting personal with AJ Brown aka Jeff Brown

Collision Course

Action, suspense, love and murders. This book is full of it all! Be prepared to put everything else on hold when you pick up this book because you will not want to put it down! I can not recommend it enough! The action starts from jump and never stops. These two authors mesh so well … Continue reading Collision Course

Wind Up Toy by David Owain Hughes

A slight word of warning…This book is well written and the story line is great, the characters are amazing but there is a lot of grown up adult situations so if you don’t like that kind of stuff this is not the book for you. PLEASE do not let this stop you from buying this … Continue reading Wind Up Toy by David Owain Hughes

Cory’s Way by AJ Brown

First off I must say that this book is amazing! I was blown away by the story, the characters and most of all they way it made me feel. I think a lot of the time when reading a book we love the story but don’t really make a connection with the characters and what … Continue reading Cory’s Way by AJ Brown