The Brown Bag Stories: A Different Kind of Mailing List

I received my first brown bag in the mail a week ago from one of Stitched Smile Publication’s authors, A.J. Brown.

The Brown Bag Stories are delightful in their own horror-y ways. You get a mysterious package in your mailbox once a month with a new short story from A.J. Brown, a talented writer whom SSP is lucky to have signed on. I’ve never heard of another author doing their mailing lists this way, and I love the idea. Other than the usual back matter of an author’s note about the story and where to find his other books, there was no advertising (though I wouldn’t mind if there were). And he gets bonus points from me for having only a few grammatical errors.

“Sack,” the story for Volume 2, Edition 3, is longer than the others, and I am glad that the author chose to include it as this month’s story despite this. I was thoroughly hooked by the third page and devoured it whole. Like with most short story reviews, I don’t want to give it away, but I can say it has an interesting and disturbing spin on a holiday beast.

I’m looking forward to future Brown Bag Stories and the horror that they’ll bring.

You can find A.J. Brown on his blog or Facebook. Don’t forget to check out his books as well, like Cory’s Way.

Keep an eye out for A Stitch of Madness by A.J. Brown, coming soon from Stitched Smile Publications.

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