Marketing 101: Building Your Author Platform

Marketing 101: Building Your Author Platform

If you are a writer you may have come across the phrase “Author Platform.” There are many sites that say you need to have one, but creating one; well that’s a whole other hurdle. This article will help you through some of the obstacles of creating an Author Platform that is right for you.


Google That: Everyone has heard of using google to do research for projects, have fun while finding new ideas and different places to hang out, but have you ever thought about googling yourself?

Google your author name. Does your website, Facebook page,        twitter profile, Instagram, guest posts, Amazon Author page, & Goodreads page show?  Terrific this is what is known as your Author Platform.

Now that you know what you look like to others online the next step is to determine if it truly speaks of who you are as an author. Does it reflect your goals, your personality, and your quest to engage readership?

Other Pieces That Reflect Your Author Platform:

Do you have a professional author photo?

Do you have a tagline that conveys your creative work?

Do you have several venues where potential readers can   search for you? Facebook is a great place to start, but you need to have multiple reach in order for you to receive the largest reach.

The fewer places you are able to be searched the less reach you have internet wise. The fact is that most online will not take more than a few minutes to search for a new author they have heard of & that means less sales for you.

Once you have these different sites available for your potential readers you must remain coherent and cohesive in your persona. Understand fully the genre you intend to reach.  Where are they most likely to be involved? Research is not only important when you’re creating the latest amazing read; it’s imperative to define and reach those whom would love to read your work.

Defining a solid approach to your Author Platform is a necessity.

  • Describe yourself as an author
  • Provide contact information
  • Describe your books
  • Link to your book sales pages
  • Have some way for readers to stay connected to you, i.e. newsletter signup
  • Social media accounts, including Face
  • book fan page and personal account
  • Extras like guest blog posts, articles for magazines, and interviews


The website isn’t just the information hub of your Platform, it is also the design hub. Pick colors, images, patterns, fonts, and concepts that you can carry over to other Platform spaces. Some authors create mood boards so that the elements they use across their Platform is easy to remember and reuse.

Defining your genre, using specific images geared towards enhancement of your works. Using these same images on all of your sites so that you’re consistent. Your Facebook cover image, Twitter profile picture and other sites where there is an image must be the same. As you grow as an author your tastes will change. Make sure that your photos reflect this movement.  Define your space online as a uniquely as you can to stand out from the others who are within your genre.

Do you have a signature item?

Do you live in a unique area?

Do you enjoy a particular hobby?

Make sure you use your time wisely

There are so many places on the internet to give time to.  Remember, your time is valuable and you really should be writing and creating most of that time. You’re an Author after all.

Once you determine your design elements make sure to use them on all forms of social media. Same author photo and cover/header on every site. DO NOT use a book cover as your profile picture.  WHY? Because those seeing this will many times assume you’re a one hit wonder. Getting that just right photo will be discussed in the next article.

Bottom line: Your design should be eye-catching, consistent with your genre, and the same everywhere.


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