January 10, 2016

Stitched Smile Publications has officially been open for 10 days. Within those 10 days we have achieved so much success and it is all thanks to our staff, our authors and for the readers that support us.

In fact, it’s been so busy, I haven’t had time to really update this blog! So grab a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine and let’s chat. Shall we?

In November of 2015 I had decided to take the leap and go forward with my plans to open a publishing house. This was the scariest thing I’d done in a long time. You see, I have a lot of personal friends and people that I respect in this industry. If I failed, I would be letting a lot of people down.

I chatted a bit with Jackie (Chin) and she said, “Well… let me ask you some questions.”

I took the bait. And the woman drilled me for thirty minutes until I finally said, “Yeah. That’s exactly what I am going to do.”

It was that talk that Jackie decided she liked that idea and we mutually agreed we’d team up.

For those living under a tree stump (jussst kidding!), Jackie Chin’s show, Zombiepalooza Radio, has included guests ranging from actors, authors, expert movie makeup artists, and many other fans of the topic of zombies. Chin has had actors who have played roles of zombie walkers from the AMC series “The Walking Dead” as well as guests from George Romero’s horror film “Dawn of the Dead” and the reality TV series “Face Off.”

Feel like you’re missing something? Stroll on over to that page and check it out while we get back to the “What’s New” talk.

On January 3rd we held a grand opening party. We had no idea how big this would be. What started out as an idea to run maybe 4 hours, turned into such a huge party it was like being a kid at a rave again which Jackie and I mused and giggled over. (Yes, we know we gave away our age)

Ladies and gentlemen, twenty five authors filled open slots within three days of us putting out the call. Were we going to turn down such support? Hell no. We weren’t. We partied hard for twelve (+) hours! Authors from every part of the world hopped onto the Stitched Smile page and rocked that yacht until 1 a.m.

On January 6th, we did a midnight release for A.J. Brown’s A Stitch of Madness anthology. It was a three hour gig with a fun, live Q&A on the Zombiepalooza Radio show. This was special because usually the show runs on Friday night and runs five hours. We did a show dedicated to the release and grand opening of our company.

By the time the book was live, A.J. had amassed three, five star reviews. These came from beta readers that we sent the book out to. They were as excited as we were!

On January 9th, we announced that Stitched Smile Publication not only had a working relationship with Zombiepalooza, which brings every voice featured on it to a global level but we also decided to add one more person to the team.

Michael Freeman, of N3XT 3VOLUTION FILMS and 3311 STUDIOS has stepped up to the plate and become the final seat in this trinity of terror.

Next Evolution Films was founded in January, 2015, by Michael S. Freeman. As an Independant film company in Missouri, Mr. Freeman strives to get the voices of indie artists out into the world.

Working mostly on film festival short films, Mr. Freeman has taken on a few Feature length projects as well as a Mini-series under the company name.

August 2011, Mr. Freeman started Living Nightmare Publishing, in an effort to not only publish his works, but to also help other indie authors get their works in print.

Three companies have come together to not only bring you a voice across the globe, a publisher that focuses on the author, and now audio voice over, professional trailers and so much more.

In fact, we also announced on the 9th that we would be hosting author/writing developmental classes once a week (dates/times TBA) and that we were leaving an open invitation to any experienced author to host and/or contribute to one.

To say that we’ve been working hard is an understatement. We’ve got big shoes to fill and we have no intention of leaving them empty.

If you’re interested in seeing what our companies can do, we invite you to check us out on Facebook and put your 3D glasses on. We’ve got a ride in store for you!

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