Erotic Horror

It’s Saturday and time for fun.

SSP’s own Jae Mazer, writing as J.M. Adler, has a new series, Notch, available on Kindle Vella!

Jae says, “This is horror. This is also erotica. Some might call it Horrotica. Whorotica. Whatever floats your boat. There are seven available episodes and the first three are free. Give it a try. New episodes will be released weekly.”

Kat’s husband is missing. He disappeared while they were camping, leaving behind only blood and questions. Heartbroken, Kat is forced to move on with her life and come to terms with the uncertainty of her husband’s fate. But what really happened to him? The answers lay rooted in a Chateau deep in the mountains where passion and horror are caught in an eternal embrace. Join Kat on her journey to navigate a new life, and her descent into a horrific discovery of the truth.

Check it out on Amazon here: Notch

Oh … What is Kindle Vella? I’m glad you asked.

Kindle Vella is serial fiction, like watching a TV series. It can be anthology/collection style, but it’s more like episodes. Authors upload chapters of a novel or connected stories and update on a regular basis. Readers can read the first three episodes of any series for free. After that, each episode takes a certain amount of “tokens” to unlock. Readers can purchase tokens from Amazon, and they’re fairly cheap. This is NOT a subscription service. You only pay for what you want to read, like buying a book or short story.

So check out Kindle Vella and then check out Notch for some naughty horror reading.

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