Happy Friday. The weekend is almost upon us. What are you reading?

If you are looking for something both engrossing and easy to take breaks from, consider a short story collection. Today we look at Notches by M. Ennenbach.

notches1aA Collection of dark, twisted and some humorous stories, including an epic dark poem, from the tormented mind of M. Ennenbach. Each story will give you a window into the darkness of the soul. Fueled by raw, powerful emotions. They will chew you up and spit you out, leaving you quivering on the floor in a gruesome mess begging for more. Are you brave enough to traverse the dark path laid before you or will you become another notch on the wall?

Uncomfortably Dark calls Ennenbach “more than an author, more than a poet. He is the personification of the human condition. His ability to draw you in and hold you there, deep inside each story, to feel the pain, the grief, the despair, and desolation within, is almost unparalleled by authors today.”

Bibliophilia Templum calls Notches “a brilliant collection with something for most every horror preference.”

And acclaimed author Chris Miller said, “Once in a great while, we stumble across a work of literature that transcends not only our expectations but genre and definability itself. NOTCHES by M. Ennenbach is one of those works …”

Notches is currently available in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook. Check it out on Amazon:

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