Some Editing Advice

Why is it important to review your manuscript when you edit?

One of the best things a Writer looks forward to when working hard on their WIP  is to finish it and then begin the journey of proofreading it. I know this can be a tedious task, and it does take even more work once the first draft has been finished. The main reason is that here begins the underlying work of reading over it again and hoping to perfect it before sending it to the editor or beta readers you have chosen.There is so much advice one can give on the process of editing. The list is endless. However, this post today is only going to focus on one.Always remember to review your manuscript when you edit! I can’t emphasize this enough. It is an ongoing process for all those who write and also edit.

Some may still be confused. What this means is simple. Reviewing your manuscript is making sure when the editor sends their suggestions or comments you read through your work once again to make sure there is fluidity, and it all makes sense.

Never just accept the changes. Be sure to Read it aloud and always check if the sentences flow well with one another.

Think of it like a table reading.  For example, like when an actor has to review the script for the first time with their cast for a movie or television show.   Over the course of time,  I have learned these tips as an Editor for SSP, and I am sharing it with all of you today.   There is not harm in reviewing your work to make it the best you can for your readers.



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