Happy Throwback Thursday. In 2018, Stitched Smile Publications published Voices, a collection by A.J. Brown.

voices2The mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is also a terrible place to live. Thoughts, fears, and paranoid thoughts lurk in the shadows, waiting to pounce when you are most vulnerable. Those thoughts whisper words of no escape. But what happens when the mind settles on revenge instead?

Bibliophilia Templum called Voices “dark, disturbing, complex tales of the inner voice, the hidden mind, that which drives us from within.  These stories darkly and boldly illustrate the harsh realities of life when there are no safe places, not even in your own head” and said, “This is not light reading.  It is true horror: deep, dark, and disturbing.”

A.J. Brown is a southern-born writer who tells emotionally charged, character driven stories that often delve into the darker parts of the human psyche. Most of his stories have the southern country feel of his childhood. His stories have been described as horror with heart. Though he writes mostly darker stories, he does so without unnecessary gore, coarse language, or sex. A.J. is also a husband to Cate and a father to two kids, who often inspire him in the most interesting ways.

You can find more about A.J. and his work on https://typeajnegative.wordpress.com/ and check out Voices on Amazon.

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