Shattered Skies

Happy Friday! What’s everyone reading?

When one wants to indulge in works by a favorite author but time is a factor, a short story collection is a great way to make the most of limited time and gain the satisfaction of finishing a story. Yesterday we looked at Voices by A.J. Brown. With approaching weekend, let’s look at another, Shattered Skies by Chris Miller.

shatteredskies1aTaut as a guitar string. More relentless than time. Award-Winning author Chris Miller offers up ten tales of terror and suspense to crank up your anxiety in the way only he can.

Desperation, panic, worlds on fire, and much more.

Featuring a foreword by Patrick C. Harrison III and a story co-authored with M. Ennenbach, SHATTERED SKIES will leave you breathless, white-knuckled, and wanting more.

The Master of Suspense is at your service.

Bibliophilia Templum described Shattered Skies as “an intense and brutally evocative short story collection from Chris Miller. These stories run from horror thriller to supernatural horror to psychological horror and there are even sci-fi and dystopian thrillers in there … These are stories of depth and suspense. They are thought-provoking and evocative and deeply unsettling.”

Shattered Skies is currently available on Amazon

Chris Miller is a native Texan who began writing from an early age. In 2017 he began publishing, and since then has published several novels—including the Amazon bestselling Splatter Western, DUST (nominated for the Splatterpunk Award)—a collection, SHATTERED SKIES, and has also been inducted into many anthologies. Chris is 1/3 of the writing collective CERBERUS, and likes to play guitar. He is first and foremost a family man and is happily married to the love of his life (and best friend) Aliana. They have three beautiful children and live in Winnsboro, TX. You can find more about him and his works at


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