Did You Know …

Happy Monday, and welcome to August! It’s time for Did You Know.

The season has been busy with many conventions, and more are to come. Most of us plan and budget and choose carefully which ones we will attend due to the cost of attending. There is the cost of accommodations and travel, and then the cost of admission and/or vendor space, which can be pretty high! It all adds up quickly.

But did you know the high cost of attending some cons has a lot to do with the high cost of putting on the event?

The hotels we prefer for three-or-more-day events charge exorbitant sums for use of the ballrooms and meeting rooms. Those prices have a base rate, which is premium for weekend days, and the cost can go up when negotiating services to go with them, like on-hand staff, drinks, extra tables or chairs, etc. The good news is those packages allow for good deals on discounted room blocks—the bad news being those room discounts often don’t seem as good as they could be. Event planners spend a lot of time negotiating with hotels for event packages.

Another cost is the celebrity factor. The special guests we get so excited about are generally just that: guests of the event. That means the event may be paying for their accommodations and other expenses.

Then consider other expenses, such as programs and whatnot. All these costs add up, and that is what we are paying for. It is difficult for those of us who can’t attend all the cons we want to, but the reality is it costs a lot to put them on. And while some cons are clearly in it to make money, many cons are not.

Do your research, consider which cons are best for you, and plan, plan, plan.



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