Epic Dark Poetry

Let’s take a look at more dark poetry.

Today we look at War of Dictates by John Baltisberger, an epic of dark cosmic and historical horror told completely in verse.

warofdictates1aThere is a war fought from the very first moments of existence, from the shadows of humanity’s own evil deeds and inequities. Fought between creatures whose very existence defies human understanding.

On one side, the monstrously powerful Semyaza, master of the fallen Watchers, seeks to own humanity, to dominate them through blood, sex, and pain.

On the other, Ashmandai, the very incarnation of imperfection, freedom and passion, whose love for his wife Lilith spurns him to greater and greater acts of defiance against the unnatural order set in place by the infectious Watchers.

Neither will submit, but only one may survive.

Bibliophilia Templum said, “This brilliant and revolutionary piece by John Baltisberger is the new standard in epic horror poetry and rivals anything like it in classic horror literature. This is not dark prose, it is evocative, graphic verse …” and calls it “moving, evocative, mentally stimulating, and horrifying.”

Voracious Gnome said, “What we have here is one hell of a poem! … This audacious project is well worth the read …”

John Baltisberger is an author of speculative and genre fiction that often focuses on Jewish Elements. Through his writing, he has explored themes of mysticism, faith, sin, and personal responsibility. Though mostly known for his bizarre blend of Jewish mysticism and splatter, John defies being labeled under any one genre. His work has spanned extreme horror, urban fantasy, science fiction, cosmic horror, epic verse, and he has even written a guide for mindful meditation.

You can find him at www.KaijuPoet.com.

And check out War of Dictates on Amazon at getbook.at/Warofdictates

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