A Taste of “Raising Hell”

“Give me your name, Shakespeare?” the horned brute demanded. Apparently, he was the guy (or goat) in charge.

I swallowed and tried not to shit my pants. “Dusty.”

The beast found this amusing and laughed. “Dusty, eh? Lots of dust where I’m taking you, filth. You should feel right at home in Hell.”

I didn’t like the sound of that …

Neither do I.

But that doesn’t stop me from looking forward to “Raising Hell,” the newest chilling tale by Aurelio Rico Lopez III.


Seeing as it’s close to Halloween, I sat down with Aurelio and asked him to share a bit about the holiday:

Briana: What’s your favorite horror/dark book?

Aurelio: “I Am Legend” by Richard Matheson

Briana: Is there a movie adaptation? If so, have you seen it? And if you have, what did you think about it?

Aurelio: There have been a lot of adaptations, and I think I’ve seen them all. I like most of them, but my favorite has to be “The Last Man on Earth” which stars Vincent Price.

Briana: Favorite thing you ever dressed up as for Halloween?

Aurelio: Two years ago, I dressed up as Ash from “Army of Darkness.”

Briana: Favorite Halloween candy?

Aurelio: Doughnuts. I know what you’re thinking: Doughnuts aren’t Halloween candy. Well, who died and made you king?

Briana: Do you believe in ghosts?

Aurelio: I’ve never seen a ghost. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Be sure to check in at SSP’s Unhallowed Halloween event on Monday, October 31st, where Aurelio’s “Raising Hell” will be available for pre-order!


Aurelio Rico Lopez III is a scribble junkie whose addictions include books, horror movies, rock and roll, caps, and coffee.

One of his earliest memories as a writer involves being reprimanded for vandalizing the walls of the school treehouse with a Pentel Pen.

Aurelio has authored numerous poems, short stories, novelettes, and novellas. One might say he has come a long way from those humble, wooden treehouse walls.

You may contact him at thirdylopez2001@yahoo.com.


~~Briana Robertson, Author, Stitched Smile Publications


Briana Robertson is an emerging speculative fiction author, working primarily within the genres of horror and fantasy. Her love of authors such as Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, Patrick Rothfuss, and J.K. Rowling has developed her own need to put pen to paper. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies, and broadcast on online podcasts. Her debut novel is in the works, set to release in 2017. She currently lives in the Midwest, with her husband, three daughters, and their Maine Coon, Bagheera. Be sure to visit her website, as well as follow her on FacebookTwitterInstagramWordPress, and Pinterest.

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