Why I Spend My Sundays Watching Football

My writing is very personal. Even though it's fiction, it's born from the dark recesses of my mind and personal experiences. It comes from a place that the people around me can't get to. Don't get me wrong; I have an amazing support system, and therefore am better able to handle my depression than a … Continue reading Why I Spend My Sundays Watching Football


Teaser Tuesday: Baby Grand

That's right! A new story is coming your way, and here's a taste, just a little tease, to whet your appetite. Six years ago, Rhianne made a careless mistake with devastating consequences. Stalked by guilt and an ever-present anger she can't evade, she takes each day as it comes, while maintaining a civil, but distant, … Continue reading Teaser Tuesday: Baby Grand

Dracula: Evil Monster or Tragic Hero?

We're talking Dracula over at Stitched Smile Publications today, and I thought I'd invite you all to the party. My lovely boss, Lisa, posed this question: "'Dracula and the Gothic Novel' brings up the idea of the Byronic Hero, a literary character type made famous in the poetry of Lord Byron 100 years prior. This … Continue reading Dracula: Evil Monster or Tragic Hero?

Christmas Mourning

There are times when you witness something happen to someone else that causes you to contemplate your family – parents, spouse, significant other, children or grandchildren; whatever applies to you, and spontaneously, you find yourself thanking God, Fate, the Universe or mere Chance – whatever your faith may rest in, that you are not the … Continue reading Christmas Mourning