February is coming!

And with it, a few new releases!

But first I’d like to reminisce and reflect on our first month alive as Stitched Smile Publications.

This idea was just that. An idea. We’ve had tremendous support from every corner of the industry. Artists, authors, readers, and more.

We’re about to launch the SSP magazine at the end of this month, and overall I’ve been swept away with the response from the public about the quality of the first book we put out #astitchofmadness). Most of all, I’m swooning at how this idea of putting the author first has come to fruition by way of the testimonials from the authors and those who’ve witnessed it first hand.

My staff is a dream. I mean it. They are so committed and so hard working. They are like machines coming up with ideas, sharing links, talking about the company. They are PROUD to call SSP their home.

If nothing else, I work harder for them. I can fail, and I’d get back up to fight another fight. But because of them, I will not allow that to happen. I see the hope and pride they have in what we’ve accomplished together and I know that this company will be successful.

Having also teamed up with Zombiepalooza Radio with Jackie Chin, as well as Michael Freeman of N3xt 3volution Films we are creating a storm!

So enough about us! Let’s talk about you guys!!

I know you’re anxious for more, right?

So let’s talk about that…we have Lori Fontanez releasing her debut novella, Stalker, based of a short story of the same name. Trailers and promo will be following shortly. David Owain Hughes along with his co-writers Alice J. Black and Sarah Dale will be releasing their stories (Granville, Collision Course) in the following weeks.

Soon to follow is Zachary Smith’s debut novel, Requiem, a dark sci-fi unlike you’ve never seen before. And the YA book that will have everyone talking by Isabel Castruita, Gargoyle Redemption.

I’m rolling into March with those last two but I can’t help it! It’s going to be non stop partying! Every weekend is a cover release on Facebook and every Wednesday is a new book!

All of us at Stitched Smile Publications welcome you to join us. There’s definitely something for everyone’s taste in the darker side of literature here. Don’t be shy, and make sure you bring a friend!

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