Venomous Words

Happy Thursday! Let’s talk about more dark poetry. If you prefer or maybe simply enjoy brief poems, consider Venomous Words by Jeff Oliver and Gordon Reilly, a book of dark poetry and disturbing macrophotography.

venomouswords1aWithin these pages lies venom. Within these pages await something you may never have seen before.

Introducing Venomous Words. A brand new collection of Macro Photography fused with dark lyrical Poetry. A unique fusion of your worst nightmares captured in photographs that bite and sting. Your skin will crawl. Your insides will melt. Introducing a brand new level of Hell.

Jeff Oliver and Gordon Reilly have fused their passions together into a collection of madness that will leave gaping holes. When words fuse with venom … There is no escape!

Also included are poetic collaborations with Joe R. Lansdale, Chris McAuley, Brandon Scott, Noe Basurto, Xtina Marie, Stephen Remillard, David Kempf and Reinaldo Torres—who have all generously added their own Venomous spins in short collaborations with Oliver and Reilly.

Venomous words start with ink. When ink is fused with our worst nightmares. Our minds begin to sink. Leaving many silent screams. Each letter is laced with such beautiful and venomous dreams.

Bibliophilia Templum calls it “a spectacular book of impactful and provocative dark poetry and startlingly beautiful yet disturbing macrophotography.”

The coffee table book edition published by Blurb is currently available on Amazon, but sources say a trade edition is in the works as well.


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