HoS Magazine Teaser

Happy Friday!

The House of Stitched Magazine Halloween issue will be out soon, and we can hardly wait for you to see what we have for you.

While we aren’t going to show it to you yet, we are proud to announce the cover art for the Halloween issue is done by J.K. Pevahouse.

pevahouseJ.K. Pevahouse is an artist, musician, and former martial artist who taught the five animal style Shaolin Kung Fu. He draws inspiration from music, literature, film, nature, and his family. He is influenced by classical painters of the Renaissance to modern-day masters like Frank Frazetta, Simon Bisley, H.R. Giger, and Moebius(Jean Giraud).

But wait, there’s more.

In addition to having his artwork grace the cover, the House of Stitched Magazine Halloween issue will also feature an exclusive interview with Pevahouse, conducted by Thomas R Clark, and some flash fiction stories inspired by specific pieces of his art.

While you wait, check out some of J.K. Pevahouse’s artwork by going to his website: https://www.jkpevahouse.com/


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