#StitchedSaturday 3/2/19 – Michael Vachmiel

Head Trauma

Michael Vachmiel


“Death smells of oranges.”

Katrina shot Raylen a look.

“It amazes me how people ignore the obvious Katrina. You would think the thousands of people that come through our doors weekly someone would realize that death and suffering don’t smell like produce”

“Well the staff likes citrus and it puts the humans at ease.  The real smell of death is upsetting love.  Not all of us like the taste of that energy.  Dr. Raylen you and the other vampires may enjoy suffering and fear to flavor your prey, but a little respect for the rest of us that prefer our food not so spiced with emotional terror”

Kat gave her lover a wink to lighten the mood as they made way to room 311.  This was Raylen’s special room.

“Hey Dr. Upton Nogood, I will be here when you need me”

“That bad Kat?”

“As bad as it can get.  Sorry love, you’re the boss here, your call. “

A quick kiss on the lips by Kat said a thousand things silently.  This was going to be bad. Flipping the closed chart open.   “Robert Salazar.  Age 5”


From the file of Robert Salazar Jr.

According to witness statements Robert Salazar Jr, Male Hispanic Age 5 was admitted February 23, 2019 at 11:55 PM after police removed him from the custody of his father, Robert Salazar, Hispanic Male, Age 23.

Victim was diagnosed with blunt force trauma to the head leading to Globe Rupture of the right eye, Mandibular Fracture, Sympanic Membrane Perforation of the right ear, Nasal Fracture, and multiple ruptures of gomphosis joints.  (the child’s mouth was literally ripped off and the eye hanging out of socket, glad the police had the bastard or else he would be in the morgue – intake notes)

At 2:05 AM, February 24, 2019, patient experienced a CVA with the mostly likely cause being TBI due to severe head trauma stemming from the assault.  (The kid was bleeding from everywhere! Real glad dad was not brought here! – intake notes)

Upon examination for further injuries rectal bleeding was noted.   A rape kit will be administered …

The vampire could not take any more.   There was more.  Not here. Not now.

There was the ruin of a young boy, victim of rape, victim of attempted murder to hide the crime.  A life time of fear.  A life time of abuse. A life in hell.

Right eye was gone.  The face mangled and covered with bandages and bleeding through, needing to be changed soon. The hole that was a nose covered and tubes feeding air into lungs.  Scars covered every bit of the child body.  Every birthday, every Christmas, gifts of assaults and worse.  The vampire would be paying dad a visit soon.  But not tonight.

“nu da”
“I be beatur …”

Guttural blood-filled words of pain spewed from the broken boy.  A crimson fountain from the wounds still fresh on the victim.  Heart rate skyrocketed.

“He must think I am his dad come to finish him off” Raylen sadly mused to himself.  The vampire knew already how this had to end.  The injuries to severe.  Vampire’s know blood.  Blood is the way Qi, the life force, is carried throughout the body.  It was Set, the Vampire God’s gift to his children, to be masters of the mysteries of blood.    It also meant knowing the blood pooling in the boy’s brain would kill him.

Raylen turned to the child stroking on his bed.  Body arched and shaking. Open wounds bleeding.  The howls of a person drowning, not in water, but in their own blood as the heart raced to keep up with the internal pressures, the veins of the brain blocked and backing up, leaving one place to go.

The vampire had only seconds to respond.

Mercy takes many forms.

The child had little left to express emotion.  Only a tearing left eye. Tears that never ended.  Tears not of pain but of begging.  Pleading.  Hoping.  A river of suffering flowing down a valley of ruined flesh and black fetid blood, washed anew with a river of red.

The Dark Flame in the vampire blazed and canines extended, nails became claws, and through the darkness one small glimmer of light blazed to give mercy.

With a flash of speed and precise skill it was done.

The police will write the death off as circumstances of the father’s cruelty.

“The father is going to get death” Raylen whispered to the darkness.

“The father will be our feast” and the darkness whispered back.

Michael Vachmiel is known for his work in the real vampire community.  As the Vampire King of Houston Vach has appeared in media such as Texas Monthly, New York Post, Huffington Post, The Doctor’s television show, World of Weird in the UK, Extreme Love, Barcroft Television and Telemundo.  Vach has appeared indie movies and numerous social media formats as an expert in occult, spirituality, magic, human sexuality, aromatherapy, and of course Vampirism.

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