Haunted Locations: Utica State Hospital, Utica, NY

Welcome back to weird Wednesday, where we like to explore the most haunted locations we can find on the internet, some near, some far, but all with rich history, disturbing legends, and ghostly residents.  Today, we explore the Utica State Hospital, the first state run lunatic asylum. In 1843, when it opened, it was considered … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Utica State Hospital, Utica, NY

Haunted Locations: Sallie House, Kansas

Welcome back to another Weird Wednesday where we like to go on short jaunts through historically haunted places. Today's trip is short but not very sweet. The location featured today has been hailed as one of the country's most haunted locations. Read on to find out why. Located in Atchinson, Kansas, the Sallie House is … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Sallie House, Kansas

Haunted Locations: Mansfield Reformatory, Ohio

Welcome back to Weird Wednesday where we like to take a walk on the wild side!Today, we visit Mansfield Reformatory, home of the Shawshank Redemption film location! The Ohio State Reformatory began construction in 1886, right on top of a former Civil War Camp site and admitted its first inmate in 1896. The goal of … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Mansfield Reformatory, Ohio

Haunted Locations: Daksa Island

Welcome back to Weird Wednesday, horror fiends, friends, and family. In today‚Äôs excursion, we travel halfway around the world to Croatia, to a tiny place called Daksa Island. Daksa Island is north of Dubrovnik, and in the distant past, had been home to Franciscan monks, dating back to 1291. For hundreds of years, the tiny … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Daksa Island

Monthly Unfair Contest announcement

We Love Our Readership! At STITCHED SMILE PUBLICATIONS and HOUSE OF STITCHED we are dedicated to honoring the fans and readership. So every month, we will do an unfair contest! You won't know how to enter, or what the prize is until we announce it, but one thing we are looking for is reader engagement. … Continue reading Monthly Unfair Contest announcement

Haunted Locations: An Exorcism in Iowa

Welcome back to another Weird Wednesday, where we like to explore things that are dark and disturbing, decaying and decomposing, dead and devilish. Those places haunted by bad deeds, bad blood, and bad memories. The empty caskets and mass graves, the murderers, those that are dark and depraved, demons of death, dealers of decomposition. Where … Continue reading Haunted Locations: An Exorcism in Iowa

Did someone say party?

We are in the midst of our week-long release party for all 13 new books in the Stitched Smile Publications catalog! We'd love for you to join us. We have prizes and giveaways, including a KINDLE FIRE loaded with every title from our catalog-even some not yet released! (US Citizens only, outside of the United … Continue reading Did someone say party?