Haunted Locations: The Eddy House, Chittenden, Vermont

Welcome to weird Wednesday where we explore the darkest corners of the globe, searching for the mysterious and unknown. Today’s location takes us to The Eddy House, Chittenden, Vermont. Once owned by two brothers, William & Horatio, who came from a long line of psychics, witches, and seers. The boys had a very rough life, … Continue reading Haunted Locations: The Eddy House, Chittenden, Vermont

Haunted Locations: Winchester house

Welcome back to Weird Wednesday! Tonight, we get back into our haunted locations for all of you ghost hunting phenoms out there. Those dark denizens of the disturbed, explorers of the extremely eerie, fans of the frightful, etc., etc.!  Let’s just jump right in, shall we? Winchester House. One of the most famous haunted houses … Continue reading Haunted Locations: Winchester house