Every bitter thing is sweet – Talking “Low” with Mike Duke

β€œTo a hungry soul, every bitter thing is sweet.” - Proverbs 27:7 One of Mike Duke's favorite quotes from his new novel LOW, soon to be released. Here at SSP we couldn't wait to share what Duke has in store for you, so we convinced him to share a little bit. A little sneak preview, … Continue reading Every bitter thing is sweet – Talking “Low” with Mike Duke

The Necessary Evil of Feedback

Here's the thing. Feedback--real, honest feedback--is hard. Whether you're giving it or receiving it, it can be a rough thing to do. But if you want to be a good author, and more, if you want to be a reader who experiences good authors, you can't pull your punches when it comes to giving an … Continue reading The Necessary Evil of Feedback

February is coming!

And with it, a few new releases! But first I'd like to reminisce and reflect on our first month alive as Stitched Smile Publications. This idea was just that. An idea. We've had tremendous support from every corner of the industry. Artists, authors, readers, and more. We're about to launch the SSP magazine at the … Continue reading February is coming!