New Face, Who Dis?

It’s still us! Same badass logo and colors. Same badass attitude. The difference is, we’re leaving the publishing to other publishers for the most part. We’ll publish here and there, but not like before. We’re focusing on everything the author needs to help them get published. From editing to book covers and reviews, we are … Continue reading New Face, Who Dis?

Into the void episode 2: Demonic possession

Welcome back to another episode of Into the Void, where I interview and have discussions with people about real life experiences with the psychic and paranormal. In today's post, I have an excerpt of an interview I did with a couple who went through an encounter with the demonic. The full interview is included in … Continue reading Into the void episode 2: Demonic possession

What’s new? November 2021

We’ll have some exciting news regarding our 2022 releases in the upcoming weeks. Join us on December 1 to hear all about them. Until then, have you seen what going on at the House of Stitched blog? Come check us out here!

Interview with Simon Critchell

Today we’re going to be chatting with Simon Critchell, co-author of 21:24. Hello Simon, thanks for taking time out to engage with the fans and readers. For those who have not read 21:24, you may want to catch up so you know what’s going on. We don’t want anyone upset about spoilers! Q1: First, for … Continue reading Interview with Simon Critchell

Conversing With Pembroke Sinclair

Recently, Stitched Smile Publications put out a novel by the talented Pembroke Sinclair. The novel, Humanity’s Hope, is about seventeen year old Caleb, who survived the zombie apocalypse and his struggles there after. I had an opportunity to sit down with Pembroke and talk to her about writing, Humanity’s Hope and where her totally cool … Continue reading Conversing With Pembroke Sinclair

Getting personal with Jack Ketchum

By Becky Narron and A.J. Brown I have been honored to meet, talk to and interview many talented and amazing authors. This next man certainly needs no introduction. I am thrilled that he was more than willing to take time to talk to me and let me do an interview with him. He has been … Continue reading Getting personal with Jack Ketchum

How To Be a Great Radio Guest

Being invited as a guest to speak at a live public event for your creative works is a great way to introduce a new fan base to your expertise. Having the event on video will create a broader access to those who are interested in what you have to sell. These spots can go anywhere from 5 - 15 … Continue reading How To Be a Great Radio Guest

Getting personal with AJ Brown aka Jeff Brown

Ok my first author spotlight is a very talented man named Jeff Brown. I have had the pleasure of getting to know him over the last several months and he truly amazes me. He is a loving husband and father and works hard to provide for his family. I can not say enough that if … Continue reading Getting personal with AJ Brown aka Jeff Brown

Granville, A Q&A with David Owain Hughes and Alice J. Black

In the short time Stitched Smile Publications has been around, they have put out three separate works of fiction. One of those was released on February 17th. It is by David Owain Hughes and Alice J. Black. The novella is titled, Granville. Here is the synopsis for the book: Stanley is a typical high school … Continue reading Granville, A Q&A with David Owain Hughes and Alice J. Black