Flash Fiction, Hank Walker Style

They’re all dead. The whole town. Not a living person to be found. Hank leaned against the truck, a cigarette between his lips. He wasn’t much of a smoker, but he might not see another day, so why not? The first cigarette he had ever smoked made him lightheaded. It gave him one hell of … Continue reading Flash Fiction, Hank Walker Style

Teaser: Dredging Up Memories

Dredging Up Memories is almost here. On May 7th, 2016, Stitched Smile Publications will release the story of Hank Walker in a zombie infested world. To whet your appetites here is the first 1100 words or so. Enjoy... Five Weeks After It All Started… The rifle was light. Unlike Pop’s shotgun; that thing was heavier … Continue reading Teaser: Dredging Up Memories