Donelle Whiting

Donelle started her love of the written word as a child. Once she got the hang of reading, Donelle began steadily increasing her reading skills. A love of reading led to a keen interest in writing. She would sit and make up stories, and often times, write them down. Beginning in junior high, Donelle would help her classmates with their reports and essays by reading them and offering tips for improvement. As a high school junior, Donelle decided a newspaper career was the way to go, and earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism. Despite taking the journalistic route, she added a concentration in creative writing to her college studies. After forays in newspaper work that included being an editor of two separate small-town weekly papers, Donelle decided to switch her focus back to books and became a freelance editor. This led her to Stitched Smile Publications where she wants to help authors with their written art. The only trouble Donelle found through the years is the difficulty of not being an editor and contributing to the world of words.