Developing your Image

As an author, your online presence brings your readers into your world. The images and verbiage you choose will either create a deeper interest or a divide that will be difficult to mend. This article is for those who have had some works printed and have already started to bring a voice to social media outlets. … Continue reading Developing your Image

So You Have Been Stitched Now What?

Have you ensured your Amazon book page has a great book description, amazing cover and your book is competitively priced and has plenty of reviews? Your answer: Have you looked up similar books to yours on Amazon and noted their Amazon categories and possible keywords? If yes, please input categories & keywords. Your answer: Have … Continue reading So You Have Been Stitched Now What?

How to Build an Email List for Authors

What is list building? You offer something of value for free in exchange for an email address. You can set up auto-responders which are automatic emails that go out directing the person to more useful information. This is permission marketing. You have given something to the person and in exchange asked permission to send them … Continue reading How to Build an Email List for Authors

We’re Expanding!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've posted and I apologize, there is so much going on and I'm here to tell you about it. First, I'd like to welcome some new staff members: Brandy Yassa -- Editor Deanna Cooley -- Editor Sylvia Stein -- Editor Mark Deloy --Aquisitions Jeff Brown -- Jack of all Trades … Continue reading We’re Expanding!

Zombiepalooza Radio Live Presents: Bram Stoker Nominees 2015

Zombiepalooza Radio Live Presents: A Night with a few of the 2015 Bram Stoker Award Nominees 2-26-16 Starting at 8 pm EST Your not gonna want to miss this set your clocks, and mark your calender's 1. 8:-9 pm EST JG Faherty for "The Cure" (Samhain Publishing) IN: Superior Achievement in a Novel 2.9-10 … Continue reading Zombiepalooza Radio Live Presents: Bram Stoker Nominees 2015

Zombiepalooza Radio Live Presents Authors On FIRE

Some great press for Stitched Smile Publications and its Founder/CEO Lisa Vasquez Zombiepalooza Radio Live Presents 2-12-16 The Business Of Being An Author 8:00-9:00 pm EST Author Ed Cardillo AUTHOR Page: 9:00-10 pm EST Author & CEO Lisa Vasquez AUTHOR Page: CEO Page: 10:00-11 pm EST Author Nick Cole AUTHOR Page: reading Zombiepalooza Radio Live Presents Authors On FIRE

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Why is it important to put your best face forward as an author? The image you choose will follow you for a long while. Making sure it is done properly to signify you as an author/genre specific will help you relate to your potential audience. Things to be aware of that distract from a great … Continue reading Putting Your Best Face Forward

The Art of the Pull (Client Building)

The Art of the Pull Social media, when it first came to be, was the place to push a creatives work. Get it to the masses quickly, and efficiently. However, as with all things, the approach to new clients changes with the times. Sites like Facebook are taking the ability to get information regarding our … Continue reading The Art of the Pull (Client Building)